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48 lessons • 6h 33m

Scattering of Light (in Hindi)

9m 55s

Polarization of Light (in Hindi)

8m 21s

Types of Polarization (in Hindi)

7m 05s

Important Points about Polaroid (in Hindi)

7m 46s

Laser and its Uses (in Hindi)

9m 11s

Human Eye Defects - 1 (in Hindi)

7m 55s

Human Eye Defects - 2 (in Hindi)

8m 32s

Static Electricity (in Hindi)

8m 51s

Potential Difference (in Hindi)

8m 01s

Electric Current and EMF (in Hindi)

9m 11s

Electric Cells and Types (in Hindi)

8m 41s

All about Resistance

7m 50s

Combination of resistance

10m 31s

Resistivity and it's factor

8m 11s

Heating effect

8m 35s

Electrical instruments

11m 30s

Electric current types

9m 41s

AC vs DC

8m 01s

Conductor vs Insulators

7m 01s

All about semiconductor

8m 00s

Types of semiconductor

9m 47s

Semiconductor material - 1

8m 11s

Semiconductor material - 2

7m 43s

Semiconductor material - 3

8m 13s

Diode and LED

8m 39s

All about LCD

7m 03s

Transistor important points

7m 13s

Magnet and it's type

7m 55s

Magnet field and lines

9m 32s

Magnet field induction

9m 12s

Magnetism classification

9m 01s

Electromagnetism and solenoid

7m 19s

Electromagnetic induction

7m 24s

Faraday's law

7m 04s

Transformer and eddy current

7m 41s

Emission of electrons

7m 04s

Photoelectric effect

7m 15s

Uses of photocells

7m 01s

Radioactivity and it's part

7m 11s

Nuclear energy and nuclear reactor

7m 02s

Thermometer and it's type

8m 04s

Thermal equilibrium and temperature scales

7m 12s

Latent heat

7m 22s

Specifiy latent heat

7m 41s

Heat transfer

9m 06s

Difference btw conduction, convention and radiation

7m 31s

Newton's cooling law

7m 11s

Laws of thermodynamics

8m 21s

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