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(Hindi) Strategy and Preparation for Sociology Optional - UPSC Mains


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Vanmala Ramesh

This course will guide students as to why they can choose Sociology as their optional subject, and it will guide them the strategy and approach. Preparation to civil service exams is incomplete without the proper reference of books, which will be provided to them according to the syllabus. The art of answer writing will also be guided to them and towards the end how to face the hurdles during the preparation will be highlighted upon.



97 reviews

Megha Agrawalla

reviewed on Jul 22, 2017

thank you ma'am ...but a help is needed I have graduated from sociology honors so what should be my approach towards preparation of optional in Upsc

Dr Jagadesh Kumar

reviewed on Jul 23, 2017

After watching this course,i realized that this optional is the best for preparation... the way she took the course makes us feel in comfort with the optional ...madam,u just made it easy as well as superb

megha shahdeo

reviewed on Jul 24, 2017

all the things are so systematically told that now i really feel that no need to get in an ias coaching....tysm......mam i just want to say that after watching all the videos i feel more confident for this exam....and the way you have told no one has ever made me understand things about this exam.

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