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13 lessons • 1h 46m

Steps of Research Introduction (in Hindi)

3m 32s

First Step of Research (Formulation of Problem) (in Hindi)

8m 21s

Step 2 : Extensive Literature Survey (in Hindi)

7m 40s

Step 3: Development of Working Hypothesis (in Hindi)

8m 09s

Step 4 : Research Design (in Hindi)

8m 27s

Step 5: Sampling Design

9m 06s

Step 6: Data Collection

12m 24s

Step 7: Project Execution

8m 03s

Step 8: Data Processing and Analysis

8m 13s

Step 9, 10 of the Research

8m 11s

Step 11: Preparation of the Report

8m 16s

Criteria of Good Research

8m 17s

Significance of Research

7m 27s

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