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10 lessons • 1h 44m

Statement and Assumption-Overview( in Hindi)

5m 00s

Statement and Assumption-Part-1 (in Hindi)

9m 17s

Statement and Assumption-Part-2 (in Hindi)

12m 29s

Statement and Assumption-Part-3 (in Hindi)

11m 07s

Statement and Assumption-Part-4 (in Hindi)

10m 50s

Statement & Conclusions-Part-5(In Hindi)

11m 48s

Statement & Conclusion-Part-6(In Hindi)

10m 35s

Statement & Conclusion-Part-7(In Hindi)

10m 11s

Statement and Conclusion-8(In Hindi)

12m 16s

Statement and Conclusion-9(In Hindi)

10m 41s

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