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(Hindi) Solutions or Properties of Triangle: IIT JEE


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23 reviews

Vineet Loomba

This course covers all the required concepts from basic to JEE advanced level in the properties of triangle portion of Trigonometry. This topic is very important for JEE Main as well as Advanced. Numerous solved and unsolved examples will help you.



23 reviews

Deepak Das

reviewed on Sep 17, 2019

I loved it. I have learned only sine and cosine formulas in class 11th. But I learned new formulas here. Thank you so much sir.

Rinku Meena

reviewed on Sep 22, 2019

very nice sir ye mera phale bhut weak tha lekin ab πŸ†Ž toda achha ho gya

Mrityunjay sood

reviewed on Aug 12, 2019

great course.....I was unable to sdo basic questions before this course but now I can easily solve previous year jee advanced problems......thank you very much vineet sir

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