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49 lessons • 8h 22m

Basic definition of solid and it's properties (in Hindi)

10m 39s

Crystalline Solid (in Hindi)

9m 11s

Amorphous solid, difference between crystalline and amorphous solid (in Hindi)

10m 03s

Types of crystalline solid, molecular solid (in Hindi)

8m 41s

Types of crystalline solid, molecular solid (in Hindi)

12m 11s

Ionic solid

10m 37s

Metallic solid and covalent solid

10m 53s

Crystal lattice, unit cell

9m 23s

Types of unit cell and rank of crystal

13m 45s

Hexagonal unit cell, contribution of atoms,numerical

13m 17s

Numericals on formula of crystal 01

8m 43s

Formula of crystal 02

8m 59s

Awesome trick to memorize 7 crystal system and 14 bravaise lattice

10m 40s

Packing efficiency, simple cubic unit cell

9m 06s

Packing efficiency FCC, BCC

10m 21s

Close packing 1D, 2D

9m 35s

Close packing 3D

11m 05s

HCP, CCP,Location of tetrahedral voids

9m 44s

Location of octahedral void

9m 20s

MCQ 01

9m 39s

MCQ 02

9m 24s

MCQ 03

11m 50s

Density of unit cell+ numerical

8m 37s

Numericals on density of unit cell 01

9m 52s

Numericals on density of unit cell 02

11m 32s

Radius ratio 01

9m 54s

Radius ratio 02

10m 30s

Radius ratio 03

9m 15s

MCQ on radius ratio 01

9m 01s

MCQ on radius ratio 02

10m 59s

Crystal, NaCl

9m 17s

Crystal, CsCl

9m 30s

Crystal, ZnS

8m 45s

Crystal, CaF2 fluorites

8m 30s

Crystal,Na2O, anti-fluorites

8m 47s

Defects in solid,reason and basics

10m 15s

Stoichiometry defects, Schottky defect

10m 21s

Frankel defect, impurity defect

10m 37s

Non stoichiometry defects, metal excess defect

9m 07s

Metal deficiency defect with numericals

12m 11s

Numericals on metal deficiency defect

12m 58s

Mixed questions on solid state 01

11m 02s

Mixed questions on solid state 02

9m 22s

Mixed questions on solid state 03

10m 08s

Properties of solids, electric properties

12m 28s

Conductivity in semiconductors,n-type and p-type

12m 08s

Application of semiconductor,super conductivity, transition temperature, magnetic properties

9m 58s

Magnetic properties

10m 00s

Curie temperature, Bragg's equation, Numerical

9m 52s

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