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(Hindi) Sets, Relations, Functions for JEE Main and Advanced (IIT-JEE)


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Vineet Loomba

This IIT-JEE crash course gives a quick revision of the most important concepts on sets, relations and functions.


53 lessons • 6 h 13 m
🔥 Basics of Inequalities and Intervals Part-1

11m 37s

Important announcement

1m 43s

Basics of Inequalities and Intervals Part-2

11m 25s

Basics of Inequalities and Intervals Part-3

10m 50s

🔥 Wavy Curve Method (Method of Intervals) Part-1

11m 17s

Wavy Curve Method Part-2

11m 44s

Wavy Curve Method Part-3

14m 11s

🔥 Set Theory Part-1

10m 20s

Set Theory Part-2

10m 49s

Set Theory Part-3

10m 15s

Set Theory Part-4

12m 00s

Types of Relations for JEE Main

12m 14s

Basics Of Functions

11m 19s

Domain, range and codomain of a function

10m 15s

Identifying Functions Graphically

10m 46s

How to Find Domain of a Function (In Detail) Part-1

10m 01s

How to Find Domain of Function Part-2

8m 50s

Domain of a function Part-3

10m 07s

🔥 Summarizing Domain of a Function (IIT-JEE)

11m 25s

Important Problems Domain of a Function

9m 40s

How to Find Range of a Function (Part-1)

11m 29s

Finding Range of a Function (Part-2)

12m 33s

Important Functions and their Graphs (in Hindi)

13m 21s

One-One Many One Functions Part-1

10m 26s

One-One Many One Functions Part-2

10m 23s

Injective and Surjective Functions for IIT-JEE (Summary)

11m 40s

Important Graphs to Remember

11m 38s

Modulus Function (Basics)

11m 33s

Modulus Functions (Part-2)

10m 18s

Modulus Function (Part-3)

10m 56s

Modulus Inequalities (Part-4)

11m 09s

Range of Modulus Functions (Part-5)

10m 24s

Modulus Inequalities (Part-6)

11m 06s

Shortcuts Modulus Inequalities (Part-7)

12m 04s

Greatest Integer Function (Part-1)

11m 43s

Greatest Integer Function (Part-2)

9m 44s

Composite Functions for IIT-JEE

9m 14s

Inverse of a Function

10m 19s

Periodic Functions (Part-1)

10m 28s

Periodic Functions (Part-2)

10m 54s

Even Odd Functions

11m 14s

Signum and Exponential Functions

10m 08s

Logarithmic Functions -1

10m 25s

Logarithmic Functions - 2

10m 41s

Important Problems on Domain of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions Part-1

10m 03s

Important Problems on Domain and Range of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions Part-2

10m 10s

🔥Functional Equations IIT JEE Part-1

11m 02s

Functional Equations IIT JEE Part-2

9m 37s

🔥 Graph Transformations - Part 1 (in Hindi)

11m 16s

Graph Transformations - Part 2 (in Hindi)

12m 11s

Previous Year Questions Functions JEE Main #1

11m 02s

Previous Year Questions PYQ on functions -Part 2

10m 18s

Previous Year Questions PYQ on functions JEE Main 2019 Part-3

10m 14s



310 reviews

sahil Sharma

reviewed on Aug 3, 2018

Excellent Course Sir !! You are an amazing teacher. I wish I found you earlier ...your way of teaching is out of the box. You explain difficult topics in very simple manner. thanks a lot

Sumit Sharma

reviewed on Aug 6, 2018

This is an awesome course sir are an awesome teacher...i have seen all your course..u r the only experienced teacher on unacademy here sir...salute to you for ur hardwork


reviewed on Jun 16, 2018

sir aap kitna mast padhate ho sab samjh me aa gaya , lagta hai ab to hm sab pakka IIT crack ker lege , Thanks a lot sir for your self less service

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