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13 lessons • 1h 57m

Series Part 1 - Arithmetic Progression (in Hindi)

9m 11s

Series Part 2 - Arithmetic Progression (in Hindi)

8m 24s

Series Part 3 - Geometric Progression (in Hindi)

8m 52s

Series Part 4 - Harmonic Progression (in Hindi)

8m 11s

Series Part 5 - Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonics Progression (in Hindi)

9m 42s

Exponential and logarithms series top 1500

9m 36s

Series part#7,mix questions top 1500

8m 41s

Series paet#8,mix questions top 1500

10m 15s

Series part#9,mix question top 1500

8m 28s

Binomial theorem part #1,maths top 1500

8m 16s

Binomial theorem part#2,top 1500

9m 10s

Binomial theorem part #3,top 1500 important question

8m 12s

Binomial part#4,maths top 1500

10m 45s

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