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20 lessons • 4h 41m

Overview: S - Block for IIT-JEE and NEET (in Hindi)

14m 22s

Lec 1 : S block - introduction to S Block (in Hindi)

14m 34s

Lec 2: S Block - Physical Properties of S Block Elements: Part 1 (in Hindi)

14m 46s

Lec 3: S Block - Physical properties of S Block: Part 2 | Best video for IIT-JEE and NEET (in Hindi)

14m 34s

Lec 4: S Block - Chemical Properties of S Block Elements (in Hindi)

14m 01s

Quick Revision of Previous Topics (in Hindi)

10m 41s

Reaction of S Block elements ( how to study reactions )

12m 02s

Lec 5: S Block - Reaction with oxygen (o2) to form oxides . No need to remember any reaction.

14m 41s

Lec 6: S Block - reaction with oxygen ( part 2 )

14m 52s

Lec 7: S Block - Reaction with oxygen ( part 3 )

14m 55s

Lec 8: S Block - reaction of oxide / peroxide / super oxides . very very important for IIT-JEE NEET

15m 00s

Lec 9: S Block - reaction with water to form Hydroxide | very important for IIT-JEE NEET| Best video

14m 58s

Lec 10: S Block- Reaction with N2 to form Nitrides | Best video series for S block reactions

14m 59s

Lec 11: S Block - Reaction with Halogen to form Halides.| Best video lecture for S block

14m 50s

Lec 12: S block - Reaction with Halogen to form Halides ( part 2 )

14m 58s

Revision lecture of all reactions till here .

12m 13s

Lec 13: S Block - Formation of Carbonate | Important for IIT-JEE & NEET

12m 13s

Lec 14: S Block - Formation of Bicarbonates | Important for IIT-JEE NEET BITSAT JIPMER | Best video

13m 21s

Lec 15: S Block - Formation of Nitrates & sulpahtes | Important for IIT-JEE NEET | Best video

15m 00s

S block - Important compounds of S Block and most important reactions of S block

14m 27s

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