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44 lessons • 6h 19m

Overview of this Course (in Hindi)

3m 20s

Cabinet Ministers 2019 (in Hindi)

9m 07s

Cabinet Ministers 2019 Ep 2 (in Hindi)

8m 39s

Loksabha Election 2019 Questions (in Hindi)

9m 24s

Loksabha Election 2019 Questions Part 2 (in Hindi)

9m 55s

CEO of All Bank & Company's (in Hindi)

8m 29s

CEO top 15 Questions (in Hindi)

8m 43s

IPL 2019 Questions (in Hindi)

8m 12s

IPL 2019 Questions Part-02 (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Book & Authors 2019 (in Hindi)

9m 14s

GI Tag 2018-2019 (in Hindi)

8m 32s

Important Day's and Theme of January to May 2019 (in Hindi)

8m 34s

Important Day's and Theme of January to May 2019 Part-02 (in Hindi)

8m 22s

Reasoning MOCK Test-01 (in Hindi)

9m 36s

Reasoning MOCK Test-02 (in Hindi)

9m 11s

Reasoning MOCK Test-03 (in Hindi)

8m 49s

Reasoning MOCK Test-04 (in Hindi)

10m 00s

Reasoning MOCK Test-05 (in Hindi)

8m 54s

Reasoning MOCK Test-06 (in Hindi)

8m 37s

Reasoning MOCK Test-07 (in Hindi)

8m 35s

Reasoning MOCK Test-08 (in Hindi)

8m 21s

Reasoning MOCK Test-09 (in Hindi)

8m 31s

Reasoning MOCK Test-10 (in Hindi)

8m 03s

Reasoning MOCK Test-11 (in Hindi)

8m 18s

Science Questions-01 (in Hindi)

9m 40s

Science Questions-02 (in Hindi)

8m 53s

Science Questions-03 (in Hindi)

9m 16s

Science Questions-04 (in Hindi)

9m 23s

Science Questions-05 (in Hindi)

9m 58s

General Awareness- I (in Hindi)

8m 11s

General Awareness- II (in Hindi)

9m 10s

General Awareness- III (in Hindi)

8m 10s

General Awareness- IV (in Hindi)

8m 40s

General Awareness- V (in Hindi)

8m 44s

General Awareness- VI (in Hindi)

8m 32s

General Awareness- VII (in Hindi)

8m 36s

General Awareness- VIII (in Hindi)

8m 32s

General Awareness- IX (in Hindi)

8m 29s

General Awareness- X (in Hindi)

8m 17s

General Awareness- XI (in Hindi)

8m 16s

General Awareness- XII (in Hindi)

8m 34s

General Awareness- XIII (in Hindi)

8m 17s

General Awareness- XIV (in Hindi)

8m 15s

General Awareness- XV (in Hindi)

8m 03s

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