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11 lessons • 1h 52m

Overview of Course (in Hindi)

3m 09s

Lecture - 1 Introduction to Sets and Relations (in Hindi)

10m 09s

Lecture 2 Types of Relation (in Hindi)

11m 02s

Lecture 3 Functions and Types of Functions (in Hindi)

13m 37s

Lecture 4 Composition of Function (in Hindi)

9m 16s

Lecture 5 binary operation and its Properties

11m 53s

Lecture 6 ( part 1)ncert miscellaneous questions

11m 09s

Lecture 7 ( part 2)ncert miscellaneous questions

13m 04s

Lecture 8 ( part 3) ncert miscellaneous examplar

10m 45s

Lecture 9 (part 4) ncert miscellaneous example

8m 14s

Lecture 10 some more binary opration examples

10m 06s

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