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15 lessons • 2h 28m

Overview (in Hindi)

2m 20s

Counting of Triangle (in Hindi)

9m 14s

Counting of Rays (in Hindi)

10m 57s

Counting of square (in Hindi)

8m 41s

Counting of rectangle (in Hindi)

8m 13s


9m 14s

Final video of counting figure

9m 13s

Mirror image (in Hindi)

14m 01s

Mix Questions

10m 59s

Mix question part 02 (in hindi)

10m 09s

Mix part 3 (in hindi)

10m 08s

Counting (in hindi)

13m 15s

Missing number SSC GD के लिए जरूरी

10m 44s

वेन डायग्राम रिजनिंग

13m 27s

वेन डायग्राम पार्ट 02

8m 14s

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