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(Hindi) Ranking and Direction Sense Made Easy for Banking Aspirants


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Sushil Kumar

Ranking and Direction Sense is an important topic for the Verbal Reasoning section in the banking exams. Ranking Test - type of questions, generally a set, group or series of numerals is given and we have to find out the numerals following a certain given condition or lying at a specific mentioned position after shuffling according to a given pattern. Direction Test - the questions are a type of direction puzzle. A successive follow-up of directions are given and the candidate is required to find the final direction or the distance between two points. Here the candidate's ability to trace and follow direction sense correctly is tested. Tags: Reasoning for bank exams, Reasoning study notes, Verbal reasoning, Direction Test, SBI PO preparation, IBPS PO preparation.



5 reviews

Ravi Ranjan

reviewed on Oct 14, 2018

Thank you so much sir for this course .....Your all courses are beyond awesome make more such courses ! kudos for your efforts ! :-)

Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan

reviewed on Mar 31, 2017

Really Very Helpful Sir, Please provide for other topics also asap.

chandan kumar

reviewed on Sep 3, 2017

It is awesome course that covers topic in very short and lucid manner.

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