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(Hindi) Quantum Mechanics for CSIR- UGC NET


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Pushpraj Rai

In this course we will talk about all the theory and numerical problems of our qunatum mechnaics ,and we will solve our previous year question and sample questions to understand these topics properly


29 lessons • 3 h 48 m
Normalised and Orthogonal Wave Functions (in Hindi)

8m 43s

Question based on Normalised wave function (in Hindi)

6m 03s

Questions Based on De Broglie's Wavelength and Momentum (in Hindi)

7m 07s

Question based on Relativistic and Non Relativistic Energy and De Broglie's (in Hindi)

6m 34s

Question Based on De Broglie and Bragg's Law Reflection (in Hindi)

7m 08s

Pauli Spin Matrics and Commutation Relation Between them(in Hindi)

9m 07s

Questions Based on Expectation Value and Expectation Values of Momentum(in Hindi)

4m 45s

Questions Based on Normalisation and Normalised Factors and Probability Density (in Hindi)

5m 52s

Questions based on Relativistic Energy, Phase Velocity and Group Velocity

4m 51s

Poisson Brackets and Momentum Operators Based Questions

5m 53s

Top 5 Important Formulas of Quantum Mechanics, Expectations,Hermite, Normalised

5m 43s

Expectation Value of Harmonic Oscillator in Ground State and First Excited State

4m 42s

Ground State Energy of Linear Harmonic Oscillator using Uncertainty Principle

4m 35s

Klein Gordan Equation of a Free Particle(in Hindi)

7m 55s

Charge and Current Density And Equation of Continuity in Quantum Mechanics (in Hindi)

6m 03s

Commutation Relation of Sigma Square with its Components in terms of x y z(in Hindi)

5m 30s

Proof and Concept of Klein- Gordan Equation in Electromagnetic Field Part-1(in Hindi)

9m 26s

Proof and Concept of Klein- Gordan Equation in Electromagnetic Field Part-2(in Hindi)

8m 28s

Relation Between Phase Velocity and Group Velocity

8m 15s

Question Based on Probability of a Energy Difference of Ground States and Excited States

8m 30s

Question Based on Probability of a Wave function

9m 07s

Expectation Value of Square of Momentum

9m 15s

PYQs of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Estimation of Angle and Kinetic energy

12m 26s

PYQs of Eigenfunctions & Energy States of Infinite Potential Well

12m 42s

PYQs of Spectral Lines and Transition between Ground States & Excited States

12m 21s

Ehrenfest Theorem Derivation Using Equation of Motion (in Hindi)

12m 54s

Qunatum Mechanics Practice Questions for GATE & NET JRF (in Hindi)

12m 05s

Zero Point Energy of Harmonic Oscillator using Heisenberg Principle (in Hindi)

12m 37s

Photoelectric Effect Experiment, Maximum Energy for Incoming Radiation Problem

9m 14s



3 reviews

Aafrin Malik

reviewed on Apr 16, 2019

Thanks you sir for making this course .

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reviewed on Dec 27, 2018

thanks for to ur hardworking .keep making content videos . good efforts .thank u .

Shravan Rai

reviewed on Dec 10, 2018

Thanks Bhai, kaise thank bolu bs itna kehna h ki u r awesome