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(Hindi) Quadratic Equations For IIT JEE Main and Advanced


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123 reviews

Vineet Loomba

This course takes up all the concepts and problems on Quadratic Equations for JEE Main and Advanced



123 reviews

Hershit Rustagi

reviewed on Mar 21, 2019

Best Teacher of Maths in Unacademy. Really sir you clear all our concepts with ease. But sir add previous year questions in every topic. And sir make videos on important topics for jee... But best teacher🕶🕶

Ojaswi Tiwari

reviewed on Mar 12, 2019

Nice video sir but i am asking it out of curiosity that why do we always considered alpha and beta as a root of quadratic equations why not any other. (other then alpha and beta)

Shivam Birla

reviewed on Mar 23, 2019

awesome explanation and questions discussed in lectures are very relative to questions asked in jee examination.

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