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44 lessons • 6h 47m

Overview (in Hindi)

8m 58s

The Earth and The Universe (in Hindi)

11m 35s

The Solar System and The Shape of Earth (in Hindi)

11m 33s

Evidence of Earth's Sphericity (in Hindi)

10m 05s

Cause and effect of Rotation and revolution of Earth (in Hindi)

8m 37s

Varying length of day and night through diagrams (in Hindi)

14m 25s

The Altitude of the Mid day Sun (in Hindi)

9m 29s

Dawn and Twilight (in Hindi)

9m 00s

Latitudes and Longitudes (in Hindi)

11m 21s

International Date Line (in Hindi)

11m 21s

International Date Line (in Hindi)

11m 21s

The Structure of the Earth (in Hindi)

9m 07s

Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks (in Hindi)

8m 09s

Types of mountains: fold, block, volcanic and residual mountains with diagrams (in Hindi)

12m 05s

Types of mountains: fold, block, volcanic and residual mountains with diagrams (in Hindi)

7m 49s

Different types of plains (in Hindi)

8m 10s

Vulcanism and Earthquakes (in Hindi)

12m 18s

Different types of volcanoes, Lavas and extrusive landforms (in Hindi)

12m 45s

Ring of Fire and Basics of Earthquakes (in Hindi)

9m 50s

Weathering, mass movement and groundwater (in Hindi)

8m 31s

Physical or mechanical weathering process (in Hindi)

9m 14s

Landforms made by running water (in Hindi)

13m 35s

The Course of a River (in Hindi)

10m 17s

Meanders, ox-bow Lake, deltas and estuaries (in Hindi)

10m 48s

Lower Course of the River (in Hindi)

8m 50s

The ice age and the major ice masses (in Hindi)

9m 16s

Landforms of Highland glaciation (in Hindi)

8m 21s

Arid or desert landforms. types of deserts (in Hindi)

10m 15s

Landforms by wind erosion in deserts (in Hindi)

9m 17s

Landforms made by water and wind through diagrams (in Hindi)

8m 05s

Limestone and chalk landforms (in Hindi)

8m 18s

Lakes Chapter-9 (in Hindi)

10m 55s

Coastal Landforms - Creation and Erosion (in Hindi)

8m 07s

Depositional features and types of coast (in Hindi)

9m 16s

Island and coral reefs - chapter 11 (in Hindi)

8m 54s

Favourable conditions for coral reefs (in Hindi)

7m 08s

Coral reef origin theories : Darwin's theory and Daly's Glaciacal theory (in Hindi)

7m 38s

The oceans chapter-12 (in Hindi)

7m 05s

The ocean deposits and the factor effecting salinity of ocean (in Hindi)

11m 40s

Ocean currents of the world and factor affecting their direction (in Hindi)

10m 46s

Different types of ocean currents on the basis of temperature and depth (in Hindi)

8m 51s

Important content and source for Environment and ecology

4m 05s

A complete one year time table for UPSC CSE preparation

6m 32s

Relation between temperature pressure and density

7m 13s

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