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34 lessons • 43m

Understanding Concepts of PDE (in Hindi)

9m 31s

Sustainable Development Goals (in Hindi)

11m 26s

Anthropogenic Activities And Various Environmental Damages ( In Hindi)

13m 26s

Types Of Environmental Hazards (In Hindi)

9m 03s

Ecotone And Non Conventional Pollutants (In Hindi)

9m 26s

Natural Hazards And Natural Energy Resources (In Hindi)

9m 16s

Montreal Protocol (In Hindi)

8m 05s

Earth Summit And Rio Summit (In Hindi)

8m 02s

Kyoto Protocol And Green Investment Scheme (In Hindi)

8m 31s

Paris Agreement/Paris Accord 2016 (In Hindi)

11m 45s

International Solar Alliance (In Hindi)

8m 06s

International Biological Diversity Day(In Hindi)

8m 20s

Practice MCQs Series I(In Hindi)

9m 13s

Practice Series MCQs II (In Hindi)

10m 02s

Practice Series MCQs III (In Hindi)

8m 36s

New Practice Series I (In Hindi)

9m 35s

New Practice Series II(In Hindi)

9m 15s

New Practice Series III-Doha, Kyoto, GWP (In Hindi)

10m 15s

New Practice Series MCQs IV(In Hindi)

9m 10s

New Practice Series V (In Hindi)

8m 40s

New Practice Series VI (In Hindi)

10m 36s

New Practice Series VII (In Hindi)

9m 12s

Practice Series- Energy Sources I (In Hindi)

10m 22s

Practice Series Energy Sources-II (In Hindi)

8m 12s

Practice Series-Natural Resources I (In Hindi)

8m 35s

Practice Series-Natural Resources II (In Hindi)

8m 31s

Practice Series-Natural Resources III (In Hindi)

10m 35s

Practice Series-Natural Resources IV (In Hindi)

8m 02s

Practice Series-Environmental Pollution I (In Hindi)

8m 10s

Practice Series-Environmental Pollution II (In Hindi)

8m 02s

Practice Series-Environmental Pollution III (In Hindi)

8m 01s

Mock Series-Environmental Education (In Hindi)

9m 20s

Mock Series II (In Hindi)

8m 20s

Mock Series III (In Hindi)

8m 50s

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