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24 lessons • 5h 37m

Introduction (in Hindi)

5m 33s

Day 10 : L-1 : Circular Motion kinematics (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Day 10 : L-2 : Non uniform Circular Motion (in Hindi)

14m 50s

Day 10 : L-3 : Angular Variables and Equation of Motion (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Day 10 : L-4 : I Centripetal force I Conical Pendulum I Condition of Skidding I (in Hindi)

14m 40s

Day 10 : L-5 Banking of roads With and without frictionI Tension in Whirling Rope (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Day 10: L-6 : Whirling of Rope + Centrifugal Force

15m 00s

Day 11 : L-1 : Work done by Force

12m 38s

Day 11: L-2 : Work done by Variable Force

15m 00s

Day 11: L-3 : I Work Done by Spring Force I Friction I Kinetic Energy I

15m 00s

Day 11 : L-4 : Work Energy Theorem I kinetic of spring with Mass I

14m 27s

Day 11: L-5 : Practice Questions Previous Years

12m 13s

DAY 12 : L-1 : Conservative and Non Conservative Forces I Introduction to Potential Energy

15m 00s

Day 12: L-2 : Concept & Types of Equilibrium I Concept Of Power

15m 00s

Day 12: L-3 : Practice Problems on Power I Previous Year Questions I

13m 38s

Day 12: L-4 : Motion In Vertical Circle - Part -1

15m 00s

Day 12: L-5 : Motion In Vertical Circle -2

15m 00s

Day 13: L-1 Centre of Mass (Discrete Particles )

15m 00s

Day 13 : L-2 : Centre of Mass I Continuous mass objects

15m 00s

Day 13 : L-3 : Centre of Mass of Combination & Objects with Cavity

14m 59s

Day 13 : Assignment and Solution

15m 00s

Day 13 : L-4 : Motion of Centre of mass and particles

14m 48s

Day 13 : L-5: Conservation of momentum - Bomb Explosion

9m 12s

Assignment -2

15m 00s

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