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13 lessons • 2h 18m

Determination of Water Content Part-1(in Hindi)

10m 06s

Determination of Water Content Part-2 (in Hindi)

9m 53s

Determination of Water Content Part-3 (in Hindi)

10m 29s

Determination of Unit Weight of Soil Part-1 (in Hindi)

10m 00s

Determination of Unit Weight Part-2 (in Hindi)

10m 29s

Index properties of soil part-1 (Hindi)

11m 03s

Index Properties of soil part-2 (Hindi)

10m 40s

Index Properties of soil part-3 (Hindi)

12m 36s

Index properties of soil part-4 (Hindi)

10m 40s

Index properties of soil part -5

11m 26s

Sedimentation analysis for graine size ( Hindi)

10m 28s

Pippete analysis ( Hindi)

9m 25s

Hydrometer method(hindi)

10m 55s

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