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(Hindi) Part 2 Mastering Vector Algebra


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Ashish Bajpai

This is the second part of Vector Algebra. In this course, the educator discusses linear dependence, independence of Vectors, Conditions of collinearity and coplanarity. He also helps you understand the Direction Cosines and its significance in Vector Algebra. The course takes you through loads of problem so that you become comfortable in problem-solving.



2 reviews


reviewed on May 19, 2020

THANKS A LOT SIR!!!! 🙏🙇 Your course helped me so much that now I am able solve most of the questions of vectors.... You are really awesome 👏✊👍 sir The way you explain is just fabulous ✨ I really got benifited from this Thanks again for being here sir!!!! ......A BIG FAN OF YOURS 🙂

Arun Harbola

reviewed on Nov 5, 2019

A great fan of you explanation , sir .................................