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(Hindi) Part 2: DNA August 2018 (The Hindu "Core"- Analysis) - UPSC


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Sanjay Kumar

This is the Part-2 of the course as the Part-1 (DNA-August 2018- Core ‘The Hindu Analysis’) has already completed the limit of 100 lessons. The focus of the course is on: Daily News Analysis (The Hindu-Core Analysis) with MCQ series, selected articles for the month of August 2018. The regular ‘Daily News Analysis will focus on “The Hindu” and interlink the topic with both prelims and Mains perspective. The methodology of the course would be covering both static and contemporary issues simultaneously and prepare the aspirant to interlink the issue for the UPSC examination. The course is highly relevant for UPSC Civil Services aspirants and for also other exams such as CDS, NDA, CAPF and AFCAT.

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