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37 lessons • 3h 53m
Course Overview - Fluid Mechanics (in Hindi)

4m 13s

Introduction of Fluid Mechanics (in Hindi)

12m 03s

Properties of Fluids : Part 1 - Viscosity (Hindi)

10m 39s

Properties of Fluids : Part 2 - Viscosity (Hindi)

11m 40s

Classification of Fluids : Part 1

10m 01s

Classification of Fluids : Part 2 (Hindi)

10m 27s

Vapour Pressure and Cavitation : Part 1 (Hindi)

10m 29s

Vapour Pressure and Cavitation : Part 2 (Hindi)

8m 43s

Bulk Modulus of Elasticity and Compressibility of Fluid (Hindi)

9m 31s

Surface Tension & Surface Energy (Hindi)

11m 43s

Surface Tension : Pressure inside the water droplet,Soap Bubble and Air Jet (Hindi)

10m 54s

Capillarity (Hindi)

9m 56s

Practice Questions : Set 1 (Hindi)

9m 22s

Practice Questions: Set 2 (Hindi)

8m 22s

Practice Questions : Set 3

10m 45s

Fluid Pressure : Part 1 (Hindi)

9m 43s

Type of Pressure (Hindi)

11m 58s

Pressure Variation in a fluid at Rest (Hindi)

12m 17s

Measurement of Atmospheric Pressure & Introduction of Manometry (Hindi)

9m 19s

Classification of Manometers (Hindi)

10m 09s

Hydrostatic Force on Plane Surface : Part 1 (Hindi)

9m 58s

Hydrostatic Force on Plane Surface : Part 2 (Hindi)

11m 38s

Example Problems : Part 1 (Hindi)

9m 38s

Example Problems : Part 2 (Hindi)

11m 37s

Hydrostatic Force on Curved Surface (Hindi)

12m 00s

Buoyancy & Archimedes Priniciple : Part 1 (Hindi)

10m 29s

Buoyancy & Archimedes Priniciple : Part 2 (Hindi)

10m 08s

Equillibrium : Stable , Neutrally Stable and Unstable & Stability in Fully Immersed Body (Hindi)

9m 17s

Stability in Floating Body (Hindi)

8m 22s

Rigid Body Motion & Free Falling Body

9m 09s

Rotation of Fluid in Cylinderical Container (Hindi)

9m 22s

Rotation of Fluid in Cylinderical Container : Part 2 (Hindi)

10m 25s

Example Problems (Hindi)

10m 16s

Fluid Kinematics : Introduction (Hindi)

10m 50s

Pathline , Streakline and Streamline (Hindi)

9m 57s

Continuity Equation (Hindi)

10m 20s

Practice Question of Continuity Equation and Stream Function (Hindi)

10m 26s

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