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(Hindi) Part 1: Complete Fluid Mechanics - GATE (Civil)


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Simran Kapoor

This course basically deals with all important concepts of fluid & its properties which will be further used in every topic of FM. This course covers all theoretical part and MCQ's as well. So this course will help you to prepare for any CE exam.


37 lessons • 3 h 53 m
Course Overview - Fluid Mechanics (in Hindi)

4m 13s

Introduction of Fluid Mechanics (in Hindi)

12m 03s

Properties of Fluids : Part 1 - Viscosity (Hindi)

10m 39s

Properties of Fluids : Part 2 - Viscosity (Hindi)

11m 40s

Classification of Fluids : Part 1

10m 01s

Classification of Fluids : Part 2 (Hindi)

10m 27s

Vapour Pressure and Cavitation : Part 1 (Hindi)

10m 29s

Vapour Pressure and Cavitation : Part 2 (Hindi)

8m 43s

Bulk Modulus of Elasticity and Compressibility of Fluid (Hindi)

9m 31s

Surface Tension & Surface Energy (Hindi)

11m 43s

Surface Tension : Pressure inside the water droplet,Soap Bubble and Air Jet (Hindi)

10m 54s

Capillarity (Hindi)

9m 56s

Practice Questions : Set 1 (Hindi)

9m 22s

Practice Questions: Set 2 (Hindi)

8m 22s

Practice Questions : Set 3

10m 45s

Fluid Pressure : Part 1 (Hindi)

9m 43s

Type of Pressure (Hindi)

11m 58s

Pressure Variation in a fluid at Rest (Hindi)

12m 17s

Measurement of Atmospheric Pressure & Introduction of Manometry (Hindi)

9m 19s

Classification of Manometers (Hindi)

10m 09s

Hydrostatic Force on Plane Surface : Part 1 (Hindi)

9m 58s

Hydrostatic Force on Plane Surface : Part 2 (Hindi)

11m 38s

Example Problems : Part 1 (Hindi)

9m 38s

Example Problems : Part 2 (Hindi)

11m 37s

Hydrostatic Force on Curved Surface (Hindi)

12m 00s

Buoyancy & Archimedes Priniciple : Part 1 (Hindi)

10m 29s

Buoyancy & Archimedes Priniciple : Part 2 (Hindi)

10m 08s

Equillibrium : Stable , Neutrally Stable and Unstable & Stability in Fully Immersed Body (Hindi)

9m 17s

Stability in Floating Body (Hindi)

8m 22s

Rigid Body Motion & Free Falling Body

9m 09s

Rotation of Fluid in Cylinderical Container (Hindi)

9m 22s

Rotation of Fluid in Cylinderical Container : Part 2 (Hindi)

10m 25s

Example Problems (Hindi)

10m 16s

Fluid Kinematics : Introduction (Hindi)

10m 50s

Pathline , Streakline and Streamline (Hindi)

9m 57s

Continuity Equation (Hindi)

10m 20s

Practice Question of Continuity Equation and Stream Function (Hindi)

10m 26s



7 reviews

hansraj yadav

reviewed on Jul 28, 2019

whole syllabus is not covered by mam ,some topics are skipped and i think the material is not sufficient for gate exam


reviewed on May 23, 2019

it's good, a lot to learn , good explanation, good teacher ab baki ye log 60 words likhne ko bol re toh bs zindagi achi chali hai


reviewed on Jun 5, 2019

very good explanation easy to learn without confusion best teaching skill

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