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38 lessons • 1h 56m

Lagrangian Equation-based Numerical, Areal Velocity (in Hindi)

7m 43s

Lagrangian of Simple Harmonic Oscillator and Time period Numericals (in Hindi)

6m 29s

Solved Question on Lagrangian Equation of Motion (in Hindi)

5m 41s

Solved Questions on Lagrangian Equation of Motion (in Hindi)

5m 47s

Lagrangian Equation of Motion Solved Questions (in Hindi)

5m 38s

Previous Year Questions of Hamiltons and Lagrangian (in Hindi)

9m 08s

Solved Questions of Hamilton and Lagrangian (in Hindi)

8m 24s

Lagrange Equation of Motion of Simple Harmonic Oscillator?(In Hindi)

9m 22s

Cyclic or Ignorable Coordinate and Generalized Momentum (in Hindi)

5m 12s

Poisson Brackets and Problems

5m 28s

Lagrangian Equation of Motion Problems

6m 08s

Lagrangian Equation of Motion for an Electrical Circuit

6m 22s

Lagrangian In Cartesian Coordinates of 3-D Isotropic Oscillator (in Hindi)

5m 30s

Lagrangian for Isotropic Oscillator in Spherical Polar Coordinates (in Hindi)

5m 18s

Hamilton's Canonical Equation of Motion and Constant Of Motion (in Hindi)

10m 02s

Lagrange Equation of Motion for the Simple Pendulum & Time Period of Pendulum(in Hindi)

8m 37s

Basic Concepts & Formulas to Solve Hamilton and Lagrange Problems

5m 34s

Classical Mechanics Most Important Terms for CSIR NET

11m 26s

Lagrangian Equation of Motion using D'Alembert Principle Part-1

12m 37s

Lagrangian Equation of Motion using D'Alembert Principle Part-2

13m 10s

Concept of Generalized Displacement derivation

9m 41s

Why we need Hamilton? Why Lagrangian Failed?

9m 13s

Generalized Force and Generalized Momentum

10m 26s

Derivation of Poisson Brackets, Dynamical Variable, Problems of Poisson Brackets

10m 22s

Point Transformation and Introduction to Canonical Transformation

10m 04s

Generalized Acceleration and Velocity, Derivation and Concept for Classical Mechanics problems

10m 34s

Canonical Transformation and Generating Function Important Terms and Formula

9m 58s

Central Force Problems, Motion Under Central Force,Two Body Problems

9m 36s

Motion Under Central Force, Conservation of Total Energy and Angular Momentum of Two body Problems

9m 18s

Central Force Problems based on Equation of orbits and Location of Body- NET JRF December 2019

10m 15s

Central Force Problems based on Equation of orbits

9m 15s

Lorentz's Transformation in Classical Mechanics, Four Vector in Special Theory of Relativity

9m 39s

Lorentz Transformation Problems, Invariance in Electromagnetic Potential

9m 23s

Lagrangian in Spherical,Polar, Cylindrical,EM field, Degrees of Freedom, Gauge Transformation

10m 35s

Lagrangian Problems based on Cylindrical Coordinates and Previous Years Questions of Classical

9m 11s

Relation between poison bracket and angular momentum | classical mechanics important theory problems

10m 06s

Canonical Transformation and generating function problems and how to relate canonical to generating

9m 03s

Canonical Transformation and Generating Function Problems

7m 01s

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