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29 lessons • 3h 47m

Basic of Chemistry | Elements Name and their Symbols | Lecture -1(in Hindi)

10m 44s

Basic of Chemistry | Compounds Name and their Formulas | Part-1 | Lecture -2 (in Hindi)

5m 13s

Basic of Chemistry | Compounds Name and their Formulas | Part-2 | Lecture -3 (in Hindi)

8m 34s

Introduction of Organic Chemistry | Lecture -4 (in Hindi)

10m 12s

Introduction of Alkyl Halides | Alkyl Halides or Haloalkane | Lecture -5 (in Hindi)

5m 25s

General Methods of Preparation of Alkyl Halides | Organic Chemistry | Lecture-6(in Hindi)

8m 39s

Lab Method of Ethyl Bromide |Alkyl Halides or Haloalkane | Lecture-7(in Hindi)

7m 22s

Physical and Chemical Properties of Ethyl Bromide | Alkyl Halides | Lecture -8(in Hindi)

9m 20s

Lab Method of Chloroform | Organic Chemistry | Lecture -9(in Hindi)

7m 08s

Chloroform Physical Properties | Organic Chemistry | Lecture -10(in Hindi)

6m 07s

Chloroform Chemical Properties | Organic Chemistry | Lecture -11(in Hindi)

8m 35s

What happens?? | Alkyl Halides | Part-1 | Lecture -12(in Hindi)

7m 09s

What happens?? | Alkyl Halides | Part-2 | Lecture -13(in Hindi)

6m 16s

How will find?? | Alkyl Halides | Lecture -14(in Hindi)

8m 20s

Haloarene | Organic Chemistry | Lec-15(in Hindi)

7m 13s

Haloarene | Organic Chemistry | Lec-16(in Hindi)

7m 16s

Haloarene | Organic Chemistry | Lec-17(in Hindi)

5m 36s

Haloarene | Organic Chemistry | Lec-18(in Hindi)

6m 06s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-19(in Hindi)

8m 56s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-20(in Hindi)

10m 48s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-21(in Hindi)

11m 35s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-22(in Hindi)

6m 29s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-23(in Hindi)

7m 48s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-24(in Hindi)

8m 47s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-25(in Hindi)

8m 22s

Alcohol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-26(in Hindi)

6m 40s

Phenol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-27(in Hindi)

7m 13s

Phenol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-28(in Hindi)

10m 02s

Phenol | Organic Chemistry | Lec-29(in Hindi)

5m 05s

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