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(Hindi) Number System - Class 9 Maths


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Shashank Rajak

Numbers! The most basic thing which a learner needs to learn to understand the wide arena of mathematics world. This course is specifically designed for class 9 learners to help them understand the numbers system. This course covers all the topics of number system with good number of illustration, concepts and ncert exercise discussions. Learners will also get quizzes and tests to check their understanding and learning progress.



7 reviews


reviewed on Apr 5, 2020

The answer of 3.5727272..... is 3.5 & 72 is underlined

Om singh

reviewed on Mar 27, 2020

very good teachwr pleae give him a salary for this this is ahuge donation fpr student ian crying alot sir 😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😢 app phamare liye. itna sab karte ho

priyanka priyadarshani

reviewed on Jan 29, 2020

nice explanation... with basic concepts .....helpful for all who are preparing on school levels or competative levels

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