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23 lessons • 2h 58m

Introduction to Number System (in Hindi)

8m 31s

MCQs based on Number System (in Hindi)

8m 24s

Types of Number Systems (in Hindi)

8m 25s

Number Conversions (in Hindi)

8m 17s

Decimal to Binary Conversion with trick (in Hindi)

8m 32s

Conversion of Other base to decimal(in hindi)

8m 15s

Tricks to convert number binary to decimal(in hindi)

8m 03s

Practice question based on number system(in hindi)

8m 05s

Conversion of number system(in hindi)

8m 04s

Conversion of hexa to binary with tricks(in hindi)

8m 09s

Conversion of Hexa to Octal (in hindi)

6m 25s

Convert Octal no to Hexa with tricks(in hindi)

8m 22s

MCQ part1(IN hindi)

8m 18s

Multiple choice Question part 2(in hindi)

8m 09s

MCQ part3(in hindi)

8m 07s

MCQ PART4(IN hindi)

8m 02s

MCQ PART 5(IN hindi)

4m 47s

Problem based on previous year(in hindi)

8m 06s

Previous year question part 2(in hindi)

8m 10s

Binary codes in detail(in hindi)

8m 01s

Gray code (in hindi)

6m 10s

Self complementry code(in hindi)

5m 34s

MCQ based on binary codes(in hindi)

7m 34s

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