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15 lessons • 1h 19m

Overview of the Course (in Hindi)

4m 23s

Budget Key Points Part-1 (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Budget Key Points part-2

5m 09s

Budget Key Points part-3 Agriculture Sector

5m 31s

Agricultural Sector Scheme question asked in June 2019 paper

5m 12s

Key points part-3

5m 21s

Key Points part-4

5m 27s

10 ponits Straregy

5m 35s

Fiscal Management

5m 13s

Budget MCQ's part-1

5m 00s

Budget MCQ's part-2

5m 05s

Budget McQ's part-3

5m 01s

Budget MCQ's part-4

5m 03s

Budget MCQ's part-5

4m 23s

Test from Budget

5m 02s

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