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85 lessons • 7h 20m
Income Tax Introduction (in Hindi)

10m 06s

Basic Terms (in Hindi)

10m 01s

Residential Status (in Hindi)

7m 11s

Computation Of GTI(In Hindi)

11m 06s

Gross Total Income (In Hindi)

7m 36s

Demo 1 Paper 1

4m 43s

Demo 2 Complete Course On Management

3m 48s

Scope Of Total Income (In Hindi)

10m 07s

Income From House Property (In Hindi)

5m 06s

House Rent Allowance (In Hindi)

9m 46s

Composite Rent(In Hindi)

3m 31s

Composite Rent-Treatment(In Hindi)

5m 11s

House Property Outside India (In Hindi)

5m 02s

Computation Of House Property (In Hindi)

3m 11s

Unrealized Rent(In Hindi)

3m 06s

Recovery Of Rent(In Hindi)

6m 51s

Arrears Of Rent(In Hindi)

6m 35s

Co Owned Property Income(In Hindi)

5m 06s

Property Of Partners (In Hindi)

3m 01s

Deemed Ownership (In Hindi)

6m 46s

Income Exempt from Income tax.

3m 17s

Income From Othrr Sources (In Hindi)

5m 02s

Transfer Of Income (In Hindi)

5m 11s

Clubbing Of Income (In Hindi)

3m 47s

Revocable Transfer (In Hindi)

4m 15s

Clubbing Provisions Applicability (In Hindi)

4m 26s

Exempted Incomes-Agriculture(In Hindi)

3m 46s

Exempted Incomes-HUF(In Hindi)

5m 11s

Exempted Incomes-LLP (In Hindi)

5m 05s

Exempted Incomes-Non Residents (In Hindi)

8m 01s

Exempted Incomes-Non Resident Indian Origin (In Hindi)

6m 11s

Exempted Incomes-LTA (In Hindi)

7m 01s

Exempted Incomes-LTA II(In Hindi)

8m 31s

Exempted Incomes-NRI Salaries (In Hindi)

7m 01s

Exempted Incomes-NRI II(In Hindi)

5m 06s

Exempt Income-Tax By Govt (In Hindi)

5m 41s

Exempt Income-Tax By Govt II(In Hindi)

5m 06s

Exempt Income-Perqs By Govt(In Hindi)

5m 01s

Exempt Income-Foreigners(In Hindi)

5m 01s

Exempt Income-Foreigners' Family (In Hindi)

4m 01s

Exempt Income-Gratuity(In Hindi)

8m 06s

Exempt Income-Pension (In Hindi)

4m 08s

Exempt Income-Leave Encashment (In Hindi)

6m 01s

Exempt Income-Retrenchment (In Hindi)

4m 31s

Exempt Income-Bhopal Disaster(In Hindi)

3m 11s

Exempt Income-Disaster Receipts(In Hindi)

3m 16s

Exempt Income-Retirement Compensation (In Hindi)

4m 31s

Exempt Income-Non monetary Perqs(In Hindi)

2m 41s

Exempt Income-Life Insurance (In Hindi)

4m 01s

Exempt Income-Provident Fund (In Hindi)

3m 01s

Exempt Income-MP Allowances (In Hindi)

2m 35s

Exempt Income-Gallantry Awards (In Hindi)

3m 16s

Exempt Income-Recognised PF (In Hindi)

8m 06s

Income Of Local Authority (In Hindi)

2m 31s

Income Of Scientific Research

3m 31s

Exempted Income-News Agency(In Hindi)

2m 01s

Exempt Income-Khadi & Professional Institutions

5m 35s

Exempt Income-Regimentals Funds And Dependents Welfare (In Hindi)

5m 03s

Exempt Income-Charitable Fund And Religious Funds(In Hindi)

3m 31s

Exempt Income-EEC And SAARC Fund(In Hindi)

3m 31s

Exempt Income-IRDA And Prasar Bharati(In Hindi)

3m 02s

Exempt Income-Mutual Fund And IRDA(In Hindi)

5m 07s

Exempt Income-Venture Capital, Trade Unions, Provident Fund(In Hindi)

5m 15s

Income Of Schedule Tribe Members (In Hindi)

3m 21s

Agricultural Produce(In Hindi)

3m 01s

Exempt Income-SC, ST, OBC (In Hindi)

3m 31s

Exempt Income-Ex-Servicemen(In Hindi)

5m 16s

Exempt Income-Commodities Board(In Hindi)

4m 01s

Tea Board Subsidy(In Hindi)

2m 36s

Exempt Income-Child (In Hindi)

3m 01s

Exempt Income-Dividend (Hindi)

3m 00s

Buyback Of Unlisted Company Shares(In Hindi)

2m 01s

Exempt Income-Units(In Hindi)

2m 06s

Exempt Income-Securitisation Trust (In Hindi)

2m 01s

Urban Agricultural Land (In Hindi)

3m 21s

Exempt Income- Sporting Events (In Hindi)

1m 41s

Specified Income (In Hindi)

2m 02s

Certain Incomes (In Hindi)

2m 06s

Income From House Property (In Hindi)

10m 01s

House Property-Composite Rent(In Hindi)

9m 47s

House Property-Deemed Owner (In Hindi)

9m 56s

Computation Of Let Out Property (In Hindi)

10m 11s

Computation Of Actual Rent(In Hindi)

8m 11s

Computation Of Self Occupied Property (In Hindi)

8m 01s

Computation Of Expected Rent(In Hindi)

10m 06s

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