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15 lessons • 1h 45m

Noun Basic and Proper, Common, Collective Noun (in Hindi)

9m 05s

Material and Abstract Noun (in Hindi)

7m 33s

Noun Part 03 Important Rules (in Hindi)

11m 02s

Noun Part 04 Important Rules (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Noun Part 05 Important Rules 03 (in Hindi)

7m 12s

Noun Part06/ Noun-Gender 01

6m 28s

Noun part 07// Noun-Gender 02

5m 57s

Noun part 08// Noun-Number 01

7m 44s

Noun part09//Noun-Number 02

5m 55s

Noun part 10//Noun-Number 03

5m 34s

Noun part 10//Noun-Number 04

5m 18s

Noun part11//noun number 05

6m 18s

Noun 13

5m 48s

Spotting the error

6m 36s

Noun part 15 practice

6m 35s

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