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48 lessons • 9h 27m

Course Overview (in Hindi)

11m 55s

DNA- Definition, Discovery & Location (In hindi)

11m 07s

Nucleotides- The Building blocks of DNA (In hindi)

11m 14s

Difference between Nucleotide, Nucleoside & Nitrogen bases present in DNA (In hindi)

8m 33s

Purines & Pyrimidines (In hindi)

10m 10s

Hydrogen bonding between Nitrogen Bases (In hindi)

9m 16s

Antiparallel and Complementary Nature of DNA (In hindi)

12m 09s

Structural features of DNA (In hindi)

9m 34s

Watson Crick Model of DNA (In hindi)

8m 42s

NCERT Exercise Questions Practice on DNA (In hindi)

9m 13s

Function of DNA (In hindi)

9m 43s

Difference between DNA & RNA (In hindi)

7m 46s

Packaging of DNA - Part 1 (In hindi)

8m 42s

Packaging of DNA - Part 2 (In Eukaryotes) (In hindi)

13m 35s

Heterochromatin & Euchromatin (In hindi)

8m 54s

The Search for Genetic Material- Griffith's Experiment Part 1 (In hindi)

13m 35s

The Search of Genetic Material - Griffith's Experiment Part 2 (In hindi)

10m 19s

Transforming Principle is DNA or RNA or Protein?? (In hindi)

9m 23s

DNA is the Genetic Material. Thanks to Harshey & Chase - Part 1(In hindi)

12m 39s

DNA is the Genetic Material. Thanks to Harshey & Chase - part 2 (In hindi)

13m 51s

RNA World Hypothesis (In hindi)

7m 18s

Why DNA is predominantly called as "The Genetic Material" and not RNA?

9m 32s

DNA Replication - Part 1 (In hindi)

11m 09s

DNA Replication - Part 2 (In hindi)

11m 23s

DNA Replication Process - Part 3 (In hindi)

14m 23s

Meselson Stahl experified - Simplified version (In hindi)

12m 11s

Transcription- Part 1 (In hindi)

10m 38s

Transcription - Part 2 (In hindi)

13m 57s

Transcription - Part 3 (In hindi)

8m 19s

Genetic Code & Mutation- Part 1 (In Hindi)

13m 36s

Genetic Code & Mutation - Part 2 (In Hindi)

14m 00s

Types of RNAs (In Hindi)

13m 53s

Translation- Part 1 (In Hindi)

12m 24s

Translation - Part 2 (In Hindi)

14m 34s

Gene Regulation: Lac Operon -Part 1 (In Hindi)

13m 16s

Gene Regulation: Lac Operon - Part 2 (In Hindi)

14m 49s

Human Genome Project- Part 1 (In Hindi)

13m 07s

Human Genome Project - Part 2 (In Hindi)

13m 01s

Human Genome Project - Part 3 (In Hindi)

14m 06s

Practice MCQs with me- Part 1 (In Hindi)

13m 12s

Practice MCQs with me - Part 2 (In Hindi)

13m 48s

Practice MCQs with me - Part 3 (In Hindi)

13m 19s

DNA Fingerprinting- Part 1 (In Hindi)

12m 35s

DNA Fingerprinting - Part 2 (In Hindi)

14m 40s

DNA Fingerprinting - Part 3 (In Hindi)

14m 00s

DNA Fingerprinting -Part 4 (In Hindi)

13m 25s

NCERT Exercise Questions & Answers- Part 1 (In Hindi)

13m 14s

NCERT Exercise Questions & Answers - Part 2 (In Hindi)

13m 21s

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