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47 lessons • 1h 38m

L-1 Overview (in Hindi)

7m 40s

L-2 MCQ's on Kinematics (in Hindi)

14m 38s

L-3 MCQ's on Law's of Motion (in Hindi) Part-1

12m 52s

L-4 MCQ's on Gravitation (in Hindi) Part-1

11m 31s

L-5 MCQ's on Rotational Motion Part-1

13m 51s

L-6 MCQ's on Properties Of Solid & Liquid

14m 35s

L-7 MCQ's on Work Power Energy Part-2

14m 50s

L-8 MCQ's on Oscillations and Waves

10m 46s

L-9 MCQ's on Motion in Straight line

11m 10s

L-10 MCQ's on Motion in Plane

12m 48s

L-11 MCQ's on Units & Measurement Part-1

11m 54s

L-12 MCQ's on Gravitation Part-2

11m 06s

L-13 MCQ's on law's of motion Part -2

10m 49s

L-14 MCQ's on Work Power Energy Part-2

10m 59s

L-15 MCQ's on units and measurements Part-2

12m 03s

L-16 MCQ's on Rotational Motion Part-2

10m 45s

L-17 MCQ's on Gravitation Part-3

11m 29s

L-18 MCQ's on Rotational Motion Part-3

12m 56s

L-19 MCQ's on Kinematics

11m 23s

L-20 MCQ's on Work,Power and Energy

12m 05s

L-21 MCQ's on Electrostatics

14m 14s

L-22 MCQ's on Magnetic Effect of current

13m 09s

L-23 MCQ's on Electrostatics

12m 16s

L-24 MCQ's on Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

12m 39s

L-25 Units and Measurements

12m 26s

L-26 MCQ's on Mechanical Properties of Solid

12m 27s

L-27 MCQ's on Oscillations

13m 08s

L-28 MCQ's on Magnetic field & Magnetic Force

13m 18s

L-29 MCQ's on Law's of motion

10m 08s

L-30 MCQ's on Work, Power and Energy

12m 48s

L-31MCQ's on Electrostatic

13m 25s

L-32 MCQ's on Electrostatics Potential & Capacitance

12m 40s

L-33 MCQ's on Current Electricity

11m 11s

L-34 MCQ's on Mechanical Properties on Solid

12m 31s

L-35 MCQ's on Oscillation

10m 43s

L-36 MCQ's on Oscillations

13m 36s

L-37 MCQ's on Gravitation

13m 36s

L-38 System of particles & Rotational motion

14m 29s

L-39 MCQ's on Dual nature of Matter & Radiation

12m 10s

L-40 MCQ's on Atoms

10m 27s

L-41 MCQ's on Oscillation

12m 36s

L-42 MCQ's on Dual nature of Matter & Radiation

12m 05s

L-43 MCQ's on Atoms

11m 56s

L-44 MCQ's on Law's of Motion

14m 02s

L-45 MCQ's on Oscillations

14m 06s

L-46 MCQ's on Electrostatics

11m 53s

L-47 Law's of motion

11m 54s

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