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(Hindi) Mission for IIT JEE


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In this course dear students I will cover all the MCQ which are expected one and frequently asked in IIT JEE. In this course, we will basically cover all the contents of class 11 with their concept and depth knowledge.


47 lessons • 1 h 38 m
L-1 Overview (in Hindi)

7m 40s

L-2 MCQ's on Kinematics (in Hindi)

14m 38s

L-3 MCQ's on Law's of Motion (in Hindi) Part-1

12m 52s

L-4 MCQ's on Gravitation (in Hindi) Part-1

11m 31s

L-5 MCQ's on Rotational Motion Part-1

13m 51s

L-6 MCQ's on Properties Of Solid & Liquid

14m 35s

L-7 MCQ's on Work Power Energy Part-2

14m 50s

L-8 MCQ's on Oscillations and Waves

10m 46s

L-9 MCQ's on Motion in Straight line

11m 10s

L-10 MCQ's on Motion in Plane

12m 48s

L-11 MCQ's on Units & Measurement Part-1

11m 54s

L-12 MCQ's on Gravitation Part-2

11m 06s

L-13 MCQ's on law's of motion Part -2

10m 49s

L-14 MCQ's on Work Power Energy Part-2

10m 59s

L-15 MCQ's on units and measurements Part-2

12m 03s

L-16 MCQ's on Rotational Motion Part-2

10m 45s

L-17 MCQ's on Gravitation Part-3

11m 29s

L-18 MCQ's on Rotational Motion Part-3

12m 56s

L-19 MCQ's on Kinematics

11m 23s

L-20 MCQ's on Work,Power and Energy

12m 05s

L-21 MCQ's on Electrostatics

14m 14s

L-22 MCQ's on Magnetic Effect of current

13m 09s

L-23 MCQ's on Electrostatics

12m 16s

L-24 MCQ's on Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

12m 39s

L-25 Units and Measurements

12m 26s

L-26 MCQ's on Mechanical Properties of Solid

12m 27s

L-27 MCQ's on Oscillations

13m 08s

L-28 MCQ's on Magnetic field & Magnetic Force

13m 18s

L-29 MCQ's on Law's of motion

10m 08s

L-30 MCQ's on Work, Power and Energy

12m 48s

L-31MCQ's on Electrostatic

13m 25s

L-32 MCQ's on Electrostatics Potential & Capacitance

12m 40s

L-33 MCQ's on Current Electricity

11m 11s

L-34 MCQ's on Mechanical Properties on Solid

12m 31s

L-35 MCQ's on Oscillation

10m 43s

L-36 MCQ's on Oscillations

13m 36s

L-37 MCQ's on Gravitation

13m 36s

L-38 System of particles & Rotational motion

14m 29s

L-39 MCQ's on Dual nature of Matter & Radiation

12m 10s

L-40 MCQ's on Atoms

10m 27s

L-41 MCQ's on Oscillation

12m 36s

L-42 MCQ's on Dual nature of Matter & Radiation

12m 05s

L-43 MCQ's on Atoms

11m 56s

L-44 MCQ's on Law's of Motion

14m 02s

L-45 MCQ's on Oscillations

14m 06s

L-46 MCQ's on Electrostatics

11m 53s

L-47 Law's of motion

11m 54s



5 reviews

Mukul kumar

reviewed on Mar 26, 2019

This course is so much interesting it covers near about all topics of class 11 as well as class 12

Garima Singh

reviewed on Mar 25, 2019

A lot of thanks to u sir......really good for practice......plzzz also upload questions on optics nd modern physics.......exam is so near...plzzz upload till end of March....plzzz sir🙏

Pankaj LAD

reviewed on Mar 21, 2019

sir your explanation is so high and u are genius one. you makes things so easy which can understand very easily

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