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(Hindi) Mensuration - 2D for SSC CGL


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Abhinay Sharma

In this course, covering every questions of Mensuration asked in CGL Examination through smart approach. Learn Unique techniques to solve Questions with Exam Oriented approach. This course is beneficial for various competitive examination.


39 lessons • 1 h 52 m
Basics Of Perimeter & Area (in Hindi)

10m 44s

Mensuration - 2D Questions Part -2 (in Hindi)

12m 03s

Use Of Mirror Image In Mensuration To Solve Question in Seconds (in Hindi)

10m 33s

Area Of Path And Assuming Area Concept In Mensuration - 2D Part -4 (in Hindi)

11m 50s

Touching Of Three Same Circles - Mensuration 2D Part- 5 (in Hindi)

12m 41s

Four Circle Touch Each Other - Mensuration - 2D Part -6 (in Hindi)

10m 15s

Mensuration- 2d part -7 (semicircles in semicircle)

11m 16s

Part -8 mensuration - 2d

11m 07s

Mensuration 2d part-9

12m 05s

Mensuration- 2d special questions part 10

10m 17s

Mensuration -3d - Surface area and volume

10m 05s

Cuboid questions part 1

10m 09s

Cuboid cube questions part 2

10m 04s

Cube and cuboid questions part 3

10m 01s

Cuboid cube part 4

8m 16s

Cube cuboid part 5

10m 01s

Cube cuboid part 6

8m 09s

Cylinder part 1

8m 24s

Cylinder questions part 2

10m 02s

Cylinder questions part 3

10m 01s

Cylinder questions part 4

8m 27s

Cone basics part 1

8m 09s

Cone questions part 2

8m 02s

Cone questions part 3

8m 11s

Cone questions part 4

8m 06s

Cone questions part 5

9m 02s

Cone questions part 6

8m 18s

Sphere basics part 1

10m 02s

Sphere mixed questions part 2

10m 06s

Miscellaneous questions part 1

10m 02s

Miscellaneous questions part 2

8m 04s

Prism pyramid part 1

8m 02s

Prism pyramid part 2

7m 02s

Prism pyramid part 3

8m 02s

Prism pyramid part 4

7m 08s

Some 2-d awesome questions

9m 01s

Mensuration 2-d new qiestions part 2

7m 01s

Mensuration 2-d different questions part 3

6m 02s

Mensuration-2d - circles touching quadrants & square

8m 02s



20 reviews

Incredible Abhishek

reviewed on Jan 3, 2019

nice course useful for SSC CGL 2019 please continue the course and try to collect more questions

Kapil singh ksr

reviewed on Feb 17, 2019

kota ke baad puri engineering kr li sir...abhi jake apne wale tarike mile solve krne ke apse..thnks sir👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌🙌


reviewed on Feb 20, 2019

समझाने का तरीका बहुत अच्छा है किचन में बहुत अच्छे-अच्छे उठा रखे हैं बहुत ही अच्छा कर रहे हैं सर

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