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15 lessons • 3h 15m

Basic Geometrical Concept (in Hindi)

14m 41s

Angle (in Hindi)

14m 50s

Classification of Angle (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Concept of Parallel and Perpendicular Line (in Hindi)

8m 37s

Triangle and its Classification (in Hindi)

10m 19s

Characteristics of Triangle I

15m 00s

Characteristics of Triangle II

13m 07s

Symmetrical Shape and its Usage

11m 58s

Circle and its Functions

15m 00s

Circle and its Characteristics

12m 05s

Concept of Perimeter

14m 40s

Concept of Area

10m 39s


13m 43s

Quadrilateral shapes

11m 39s

Circle and Quadrilateral

14m 24s

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