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(Hindi) Master Inequality and Blood Relationship for Bank Examination


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Sushil Kumar

Reasoning plays a vital role in the selection of any Banking exam. It's a very scoring subject and you can easily score more than 80% marks in very less time as compared to other subjects. In this course, Sushil will explain the basic concept of Inequality and Blood Relationship and solve some important questions using some simple tricks and diagrams. Tags: Reasoning IBPS, Reasoning tricks, Reasoning tricks IBPS, IBPS Online study, SBI PO Preparation, IBPS Preparation, Blood relationship questions, Blood relationship questions in Hindi, Reasoning questions for Bank exams, Reasoning for Bank exams, high level reasoning for Bank PO.



5 reviews

Vishnu Choure

reviewed on Aug 5, 2017

There are so many understandable and easy to use techniques are present in this course which helps to solve Inequalities and Blood relationship questions. its a great course, thank u for your effort sir...:)


reviewed on Aug 3, 2017

Thanks Sir for this awesome course.. Sir definitely true n false ka concept bhi bta do plz..

Hari Ashwath

reviewed on May 17, 2017

This is an absolutely wonderful course, directly jumping into problems with shortcuts, and provides a clean logical derivation of the shortcut once the method has been well rooted into your mind. The practice questions and the methodology are all sound, and well selected. Cheers!

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