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100 lessons • 17h 59m
(Hindi) (1/3) 1st March 2018 Editorial: E-way Bills Redux, issues with IT Network

10m 38s

(Hindi)(2/3) 1st March 2018 Editorial: Held on Arrival, Use of CBI

8m 04s

(Hindi) (3/3) 1st March 2018 Editorial: Halving the Syllabus, squaring knowledge

8m 47s

(Hindi) (1/5) 2nd March 2018 Editorial: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

11m 20s

(Hindi) (2/5) 2nd March 2018 Editorial: What is Emission Trading Scheme (Prelims + GS3)

9m 04s

(Hindi) (3/5) 2nd March 2018 Editorial: Which industry under ETS, How to ensure Compliance? (GS3)

10m 11s

(Hindi) (4/5) 2nd March 2018 Editorial: War and Peace:Taliban and Afghanistan (Prelims+GS2)

10m 07s

(Hindi) (5/5) 2nd March 2018 Editorial: Buoyant Again, CSO, GVA(Prelims 2018 + GS3)

11m 26s

(Hindi) (1/2) 3rd March 2018 Editorial: Fear of Forfeiture

9m 19s

(Hindi) (2/2) 3rd March 2018 Editorial: Fear of Forfeiture

10m 06s

(Hindi) (1/2) 5th March 2018 Editorial: Avoid Trade War, Impact of Trade war on Production cost

9m 19s

(Hindi) (2/2) 5th March 2018 Editorial: Avoid Trade War, issues, Impact of currency(₹) depreciation

9m 29s

(Hindi) (1/5) 8th March 2018 Editorial: Trading Threats, issue of Trade war, who will be the winner.

11m 24s

(Hindi) (2/5) 8th March 2018 Editorial: Trading Threats, issue of Trade war, who will be the winner.

12m 58s

(Hindi) (3/5) 8th March 2018 Editorial: Act firmly : Emergency in Sri Lanka

11m 34s

(Hindi) (4/5) 8th March 2018 Editorial: Rooftop energy, rooftop solar panel, Benefits

9m 31s

(Hindi) (5/5) 8th March 2018 Editorial: LIDAR, Remote Sensing, Active Passive, MCQs

11m 11s

(Hindi) (1/5) 9th March 2018 Editorial: Andhra Pradesh Special Status Issue : Complete Analysis

9m 14s

(Hindi) (2/5) 9th March 2018 Editorial: AP Special Status Issue : Recomm of 14th Financial Commissio

9m 12s

(Hindi) (3/5) 9th March 2018 Editorial: Why Andhra Pradesh demanding Special Status?

9m 20s

(Hindi) (4/5) 9th March 2018 Editorial: Chance for Peace : Peace proposal, Significance

8m 21s

(Hindi) (5/5) 9th March 2018 Editorial: All in your name, issue of Caste titles + MCQs

9m 31s

(Hindi) 9th March 2018 Editorial: Protecting couples from Mob, khap and caste panchayat

9m 11s

(Hindi) (1/2) 10th March 2018 Editorial: Euthanasia, SC judgement on Passive Euthanasia (GS2 GS 4)

10m 16s

(Hindi) (2/2) 10th March 2018 Editorial: Supreme court judgement on Passive Euthanasia (GS2 GS 4)

9m 24s

(Hindi) 10th March 2018 Editorial : Trade goes on, CPTPP

8m 13s

(Hindi) 10th March 2018 Editorial: Majoritarianism in SriLanka, SC judgement on Hadiya(EconomicTime)

8m 05s

(Hindi) 10th March 2018 Editorial: 80:20 Scheme, issues with it, why scrapped the scheme.

8m 26s

(Hindi) (1/6) 6th March 2018 Editorial: Heat waves, How it is formed, effects (Prelims 2018, GS1)

9m 22s

(Hindi) (2/6) 6th March 2018 Editorial: How heat waves are formed, Its effects, what Govt should do?

10m 34s

(Hindi) (3/6) 6th March 2018 Editorial: Opacity in Banking Sector, issues, judgement of CIC

11m 29s

(Hindi) (4/6) 6th March 2018 Editorial: Transparency in Banking Sector, judgement of SC, way forward

9m 53s

(Hindi) (5/6) 6th March 2018 Editorial: A gathering Storm, Declaration of Human Rights, Violations

9m 16s

(Hindi) (6/6) 6th March 2018 Editorial: Measures to tackle Human rights Violations, Challenges,

14m 03s

(Hindi) (1/4) 12th March 2018 Editorial : A welcome quietly, case of Hadiya

13m 44s

(Hindi) (2/4) 12th March 2018 Editorial : Saving Ghouta, agreement b/w Regime and Rebels

9m 54s

(Hindi) (3/4) 12th March 2018 Editorial : A breakthrough and a gamble, Trump will meet Kim jong un

9m 07s

(Hindi) (4/4) 12th March 2018 Editorial : A breakthrough and a gamble, Trump will meet Kim jong un

8m 52s

(Hindi) (1/6) 13th March 2018 Editorial : France President Macron in India, 14 Agreements signed.

11m 05s

(Hindi) (2/6) 13th March 2018 Editorial : India France Relations in detail, Deal on Logistics.

10m 51s

(Hindi) (3/6) 13th March 2018 Editorial : India France Relations in detail, Potential.

8m 56s

(Hindi) (4/6) 13th March 2018 Editorial : e-Way Bills, How it will be implemented, way forward

10m 55s

(Hindi) (5/6) 13th March 2018 Editorial : Cost of Education, Can school arbitrarily hike fee/charge?

9m 44s

(Hindi) (6/6) 13th March 2018 Editorial : All about International Solar Alliance ISA + MCQs

9m 08s

(Hindi) (1/4) 14th March 2018 Editorial : A model protest. Farmer's Protest in Maharashtra

9m 21s

(Hindi) (2/4) 14th March 2018 Editorial : A model protest. Farmer's Protest in Maharashtra

10m 45s

(Hindi) (3/4) 14th March 2018 Editorial : The French Connection, Indo-France Current Relations

8m 46s

(Hindi) (4/4) 14th March 2018 Editorial : Indo-France Current Relations in different fields

9m 08s

(Hindi) (1/4) 15th March 2018 Editorial : The March on Mumbai

10m 34s

(Hindi) (2/4) 15th March 2018 Editorial : Explaining 1971 war, Why India liberated Bangladesh?

10m 04s

(Hindi) (3/4) 15th March 2018 Editorial : Reasons behind Low FDI from Japan, Indo-Japan Relations

9m 53s

(Hindi) (4/4) 15th March 2018 Editorial : Reasons behind Low FDI from Japan, Discussion of MCQs

8m 49s

(Hindi) (1/4) 16th March 2018 Editorial : Credit Tangle : RBI bans Letter of Undertaking, Consequenc

9m 55s

(Hindi) (2/4) 16th March 2018 Editorial : RBI demands more powers, what powers,Analysis of decision.

11m 24s

(Hindi) (3/4) 16th March 2018 Editorial : Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2018, Objectives, Powers

10m 03s

(Hindi) (4/4) 16th March 2018 Editorial : Changes in India Russia Relations, Reasons, what India do

14m 41s

(Hindi) (1/4) 17th March 2018 Editorial : Attack on detected Russian Spy, UK - Russia.

9m 38s

(Hindi) (2/4) 17th March 2018 Editorial : Purpose of Budget, What is in the Budget, Guillotine.

10m 30s

(Hindi) (3/4) 17th March 2018 Editorial : Guillotine : How Budget is Passed in Parliament

11m 25s

(Hindi) (4/4) 17th March 2018 Editorial : Can court sessions be live streamed? Pros Cons

13m 55s

(Hindi) (1/2) 18th March 2018 Articles : Right to Violent Protests

10m 17s

(Hindi) (2/2) 18th March 2018 Articles :Supreme Court Judgement on Right to Violent Protests, MCQs

9m 45s

(Hindi) (1/4) 19th March 2018 Articles : In a Plastic world, All about MicroPlastics

10m 05s

(Hindi) (2/4) 19th March 2018 Articles : MicroPlastics, How to control their use?

9m 18s

(Hindi) (3/4) 19th March 2018 Articles : Dangerous Spiral, Reimagining Federalism

11m 26s

(Hindi) (4/4) 19th March 2018 Articles : Changes needed in Federalism, Issues, way forward

13m 36s

(Hindi) (1/5) 20th March 2018 Editorials : 1971 War, US and China support to Pakistan

11m 37s

(Hindi) (2/5) 20th March 2018 Editoria : What India desired through Shimla Agreement, Why let Pak go

10m 04s

(Hindi) (3/5) 20th March 2018 Editorial : Did India Succeed? INO Controversy, Neutrino, Biodiversity

13m 02s

(Hindi) (4/5) 20th March 2018 Editorial : Environment Impact Assessment, Issues with Public Health

12m 03s

(Hindi) (5/5) 20th March 2018 Editorial : NMC National Medical Commission Bill 2017 Analysis, MCQs

11m 12s

(1/4) 21th March 2018 Editorials : Consequences of India's falling Sex ratio. Female infanticide,

11m 15s

(2/4) 21th March 2018 Editorials : Falling Sex ratio, measures taken, Did we succeed?

11m 55s

(3/4) 21th March 2018 Editorials : Why China wants to empower Xi Jinping more? Amendment in Chinese

9m 47s

(4/4) 21th March 2018 Editorials : Supreme court judgement on Extending Aadhar linking deadline

10m 22s

(1/4) 22th March 2018 Editorials : Deaths in Mosul, Xi Rules.

12m 13s

(2/4) 22th March 2018 Editorials : ST/SC Act being used for blackmail : Supreme Court Judgement

14m 28s

(3/4) 22th March 2018 Editorials : SCs and STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989

13m 41s

(4/4) 22th March 2018 Editorials : National Surrogacy Board, Surrogacy Regulations Bill 2016, Dravid

13m 32s

(1/4) 23th March 2018 Editorials : All about Lingayat, why demand separate religion.

12m 23s

(2/4) 23th March 2018 Editorials : History of the demand, Veershaivas vs Lingayat, How they differ?

9m 25s

(3/4) 23th March 2018 Editorials : CA, Facebook & You, Facebook Data breach Controversy

13m 58s

(4/4) 23th March 2018 Editorials : Curbing misuse of Prevention of Atrocities Act, Preventing Traffi

10m 07s

(1/3) 24th March 2018 Editorials:Evrythng about Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission

11m 55s

(2/3) 24th March 2018 Editorials: National Health Protection Mission, Implementation, Coordination.

14m 09s

(3/3) 24th March 2018 Editorials: US Fed Reserve raised rates, implications on India, dangers

11m 51s

25th March 2018 Articles : MCQs Discussion

11m 28s

(1/3) 26th March 2018 Editorials: After the emergency

11m 44s

(2/3) 26th March 2018 Editorials: India's options in Maldives. Can India intervine military in Male?

12m 18s

(3/3) 26th March 2018 Editorials: Discussion of MCQs

10m 36s

(1/3) 27th March 2018 Editorials: Khap can't interfere in marriage of consenting adults.

11m 21s

(2/3) 27th March 2018 Editorials: High Court set aside disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs, Office of Pr

13m 03s

(3/3) 27th March 2018 Editorials: Reverse Swing, Yellow Tape, Steve Smith Ball Tempering Issue

9m 37s

(1/2) 28th March 2018 Editorials: Rogue Nation : US expelled Russian diplomats

11m 54s

(2/2) 28th March 2018 Editorials: RUSA - A game changer for higher education

11m 18s

(1/2) 29th March 2018 Editorials: Out of Favor, Bond Yield, Bond Rating Prelims 2018 + GS3

15m 00s

(2/2) 29th March 2018 Editorials: Why rise in Bond Yield, Electrical Vehicles, SC on Khap and Honour

14m 37s

30th March 2018 Editorials: Tackling Prejudice, Testing Exam CBSE Paper leak

12m 41s

(1/2) 31th March 2018 Editorials: Exposing Fault lines : Communalism

15m 00s

(2/2) 31th March 2018 Editorials: Billed for Change : Amendment in NMC Bill

5m 28s

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