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(Hindi) Magnetism: Magnetic Effects of Current


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Kailash Sharma

In this course I have covered concept of Bar magnet, Magnetic Field due to moving charge and Magnetic Field due to Current carrying wire.



18 reviews

Purva muley

reviewed on Sep 19, 2019

Dear sir, you are wonderful person .your teaching is very simple .you give equal importance to every chapter and make us to understand easily. i salute your work for those who can't afford coaching and you equally teach on plus as well as on free courses! you should be no.1 educator on unacademy for physics! thank you so much for your hard work sir!

Divyaraj Gurjar

reviewed on Aug 16, 2019

execellent lecture and quality of question is very good and conceptual.

Davil jaat

reviewed on Aug 12, 2019

Excellent teacher for physics and maid blowing personality thank-you........................................ Sir

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