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121 lessons • 21h 50m
Overview (in Hindi)

11m 21s

Transition From Company Rule to Crown Rule (in Hindi)

9m 05s

Morley Minto Reform 1909 and Legalisation of Communalism in India (in Hindi)

14m 11s

Government of India Act of 1919 and Simon Commission (in Hindi)

10m 16s

Communal Awards in August 1932 and Government of India Act of 1935 (in Hindi)

8m 32s

Partition and Indian Independence Act of 1947 (in Hindi)

8m 54s

Chapter-2 The Making of The Indian Constitution (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Other Functions Performed by Constituent Assembly and Drafting Committee (in Hindi)

9m 49s

Historical Background Chapter-1 (in Hindi)

14m 11s

Chapter 3 - Salient Features Of The Constitution

15m 00s

Synthesis of parliamentary sovereignty and judicial supremacy (in Hindi)

15m 00s

The concept of Secular State ,DPSP and Fundamental Duties (in Hindi)

14m 32s

Independent bodies and Local level Government (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 4: Preamble of the Constitution (in Hindi)

13m 40s

Keywords in the Preamble - Republic Justice Liberty Equality and Fraternity (in Hindi)

13m 35s

Chapter 5 : Union of States (in Hindi)

11m 55s

Evolution of States and Union Territories (in Hindi)

12m 07s

List of new States and Union Territories created after 1956 (in Hindi)

9m 44s

Chapter 6 : Citizenship - Meaning and Significance (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Indian citizenship by Birth, Descent or Naturalization (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Acquisition of citizenship by Incorporation of any territory in India and The Assam Accord (in Hindi

10m 25s

Single citizenship, NRIs, PIOs and OCI cardholder (in Hindi)

12m 41s

Overseas Citizens of India - eligibility and benefits (in Hindi)

9m 27s

Chapter 7 - Fundamental Rights - Meaning and Significance (in Hindi)

13m 02s

Definition of State Article 12 and 13 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Fundamental rights given to citizens and foreigners accept enemy aliens in India (in Hindi)

13m 00s

Exceptions to Fundamental Rights and its significance (in Hindi)

13m 56s

Chapter 8 - Directive Principles of State Policy

14m 49s

Gandhian principles and liberal - intellectual principles in DPSP

10m 49s

Difference between Directive Principles and Fundamental Rights

8m 40s

5 Writs - Types and Scope. Jurisdiction of Supreme Court and High Court

14m 15s

Writs of Prohibition, Certiorary, Quo- Warranto in detail

9m 58s

Chapter - 9 Fundamental Duties

8m 24s

Chapter 10 - Amendment of the Constitution. PROCEDURE AND TYPES

13m 08s

Chapter 10 part 2 - By Special Majority of the Parliament

9m 56s

Chapter 11 Basic Structure of the Constitution : evolution, emergence important cases, SC Judgements

15m 00s

Chapter 12 - Parliamentary System of Government and it's features

10m 09s

Features of Presidential Government Chapter 12 Part 2

8m 27s

Comparison between Parliamentary and Presidential System. Merits and Demerits (in Hindi)

9m 30s

Chapter 13 - Comparison between Federal system and Unitary system of Governments (in Hindi)

10m 57s

Federal and Unitary features of Indian Constitution. Chapter 13 part-2

9m 50s

What makes our Union Strong (in Hindi)

8m 11s

Parliament's authority over the State list, Appointment of The Governor (in Hindi)

9m 16s

Chapter 14 - Different Aspects of the Center - States Relations (in Hindi)

10m 28s

Parliamentary Legislations in the State field. Chapter 14 Part-2 (in Hindi)

12m 23s

Extraordinary circumstances when Parliament can make laws in the matters of State list

7m 42s

Distribution of executive powers between centre and state (in Hindi)

7m 52s

Mutual delegation of functions between centre and state (in Hindi)

7m 26s

All India services and Public Service Commission - Important Features (in Hindi)

9m 04s

Role of Finance Commission and Consolidated Fund of India (in Hindi)

11m 01s

Inter- States Relations. Constitutional Provisions (in Hindi)

8m 31s

Chapter 15 part 2 Regulations made by Parliament - Inter state relations

8m 56s

Sarkaria Commission, establishment of Inter - state council , Duties & Members of committee

9m 08s

Public records, Acts and Judicial Proceedings (in Hindi) Chapter 15 Part-4

7m 44s

Function of Zonal councils, Interstate Trade ,Commerce and Intercourse (in Hindi) Chapter 15 part 5

8m 27s

Emergency Provisions - Chapter 16 part 1(in Hindi)

12m 50s

Revocation of proclamation . 44th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1978 (in Hindi) Chapter 16 part b

15m 00s

Effects of National Emergency on centre - state relations : executive,legislative.Chapter 16 part c

13m 39s

Effect on the life of Lok Sabha and state assembly Article 358 and Article 359 (in Hindi)

14m 12s

Important Articles related to President's Rule . Grounds and Parliamentary Approval

15m 00s

President of India - important details (in Hindi)

9m 49s

Qualifications to become The President of India , Election Procedures (in Hindi)

13m 01s

President's election process and criticism by constitutional makers (in Hindi)

13m 19s

Step by step procedure for the Impeachment of President in India (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Executive powers of the President (in Hindi)

13m 10s

Legislative powers of the President and what happens when a Bill is sent to the President (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Financial Judicial and diplomatic powers of the President (in Hindi)

14m 26s

Veto powers of the President - Absolute and suspensive veto (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Veto over the state legislation and Ordinance making power

9m 28s

Maximum life of an Ordinance (in Hindi)

10m 17s

Vice President of India - Election qualification, oath and affirmations chapter 18 part 1

8m 32s

Term of office and powers of the Vice President in India - Chapter 18 part 2

10m 50s

Prime Minister of India - Chapter 19 part 1

10m 02s

Prime Minister powers - in relation to the president Chapter 19 part 2

8m 50s

Chapter 20 Central council of Ministers

8m 21s

Nature of the advice of Council of Ministers (in Hindi) Chapters 20 Part-2

13m 14s

Collective and individual responsibilities of the Ministers (in Hindi)Chapter 20 part 3

11m 01s

Difference between Cabinet Minister, minister of State and Deputy minister - Chapter 20 part 4

11m 20s

Main distinction between Cabinet and Council of Ministers (in Hindi) Chapter 20 part 5

10m 46s

Features of Cabinet Committees ( chapter - 21) in Hindi

12m 21s

Parliament - Composition of Rajya Sabha (in Hindi) Chapter 22

9m 59s

Composition of Lok Sabha - representation of States and Union Territories : Chapter 22 part 2

12m 38s

Reservation of seats for SCs and STs, why proportional representation is not for Lok Sabha .

9m 25s

Duration of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha (in Hindi) chapter 22 part d

9m 41s

Additional disqualifications , Defection law of 10th schedule (in Hindi) Part 5

10m 58s

Vacating of seats and Speaker of Lok Sabha - Part 6 (in Hindi)

11m 22s

Role , Powers and Functions of The Speaker of the Lok Sabha (in Hindi)Part 7

10m 06s

Deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha

10m 31s

Speaker Pro tem - role and powers (in Hindi)

7m 34s

Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha - powers, roles and functions (in Hindi) Part j

10m 37s

Panel of vice - chairperson in Rajya Sabha , leader of opposition and Shadow cabinet (Part k)

12m 34s

Office of Whip, Sessions of Parliament (in Hindi) Part L

12m 52s

Dissolution- Position of lapsing of the bills and Procedure of voting in the Lok Sabha (in Hindi)

10m 44s

Language in Parliament and Rights of Attorney General and Ministers in parliament (in Hindi)

10m 18s

Different types of motions discussed in detail

12m 46s

Legislative Procedure of Parliament and difference between Private and Public Bill (in Hindi)

9m 06s

Ordinary Bills - first , second and third readings with all sub- stages discussed

11m 19s

Bill in Second House and The Assent of President (in Hindi)

10m 23s

Difference between Consolidated Fund and Contingency Fund of India (in Hindi)

10m 27s

Money Bill explained in detail (in Hindi)

12m 43s

Difference between Financial Bill, Money Bill and Ordinary Bill - All details simplified

12m 13s

Provision of Joint Sitting of the Two Houses in detail (in Hindi)

12m 52s

What is a Budget? (In Hindi)

9m 48s

Stages of Budget in Indian Parliament

11m 01s

Types of Budget Cut Motions - policy , economy and token cut motions (in Hindi)

13m 53s

Different types of Grants made in Budget (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Types of Funds - Central Government of India (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Multifunctional role of Parliament : executive, legislative and judiciary functions (in Hindi)

9m 34s

Financial powers of Parliament and UPSC 2019 notification (in Hindi)

12m 03s

Constituent powers and functions of the Parliament, Types of majority explained in detail (in Hindi

15m 00s

Judicial and electoral powers and functions of the parliament (in Hindi)

13m 29s

Unequal status of Rajya Sabha with Lok Sabha and special privileges of Rajya Sabha (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Individual and collective privileges of Parliament and no sovereignty (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 23 part 1, What is the parliamentary committee? (In Hindi)

10m 12s

Chapter 23 part 2, Role and functions of different important committees of Parliament (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 24 part 1, Parliamentary Forums background, role and functions (in Hindi)

10m 25s

Chapter 24 part 2, All Parliamentary forums discuss in detail (in Hindi)

13m 36s

Chapter 25 part 1 - Parliamentary Group (in Hindi)

10m 04s

Chapter 25 part 2, IPA and CPA group Roles (in Hindi)

9m 02s

Chapter 26 part 1, Supreme Court, Organisation of SC and the impeachment procedure

15m 00s

Chapter 26, Part- 2, Power of Acting Chief Justice and ad hoc judge in Supreme Court (in Hindi)

14m 04s

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