9 lessons • 1h 48m

Introduction to Light and Reflection of Light (in Hindi)

11m 04s

Mirror and Mirror Types (in Hindi)

12m 06s

Concave Mirror And Formation of Image by a Concave Mirror (in Hindi)

9m 18s

Formation of Image by a Concave mirror (in Hindi)

14m 02s

Convex Mirror and Its Image Formation. Uses of Concave and Convex Mirror (in Hindi)

13m 02s

Sign Convention, Mirror Formula & Linear Magnification of Mirror (Hindi)

14m 00s

Refraction, Laws of Refraction, Refractive Index (Hindi)

12m 10s

Reversibility of Light, Lateral Shift, Real and Apparent Depth (Hindi).

13m 44s

Total Internal Reflection, Critical Angle (Hindi)

9m 15s