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Indian Contract Act 1872 (Basics) (in Hindi)

11m 29s

Essential of a Valid Contract (1) (in Hindi)

10m 09s

Essentials of a Valid Contract (2) (in Hindi)

10m 05s

Capacity to a Contract (1) (in Hindi)

10m 50s

Capacity to a Contract (2) (in Hindi)

10m 14s

Capacity to a contract (3)

11m 13s

Free consent (Part 1)

10m 43s

Free consent (2)

11m 07s

Free consent (3)

10m 05s

Free consent (4)

10m 42s

Free consent (5)

10m 12s

Free consent (last part )

12m 46s

Discharge of contract (1)

11m 02s

Discharge of contract (2)

10m 10s

Discharge of contract (last part )

10m 01s

Quasi contract (1)

10m 01s

Quasi contract (last Part )

10m 34s

Remedies for breach of contract (1)

11m 38s

Remedies and damages kinds

10m 37s

Indemnity and guarantee

10m 11s

Guarantee and Its difference from indemnity

10m 24s

Bailment and pledge(1)

11m 20s

Bailment and Pledge (2)

12m 21s

Bailment and pledge (3)

10m 12s

Difference between Particular lien and general lien

10m 07s

Pledge or pawn

12m 19s

Sales of Goods Act 1930-Sale and Agreement to sell

10m 04s

Difference between sale and Agreement to sell

10m 29s

Caveat Emptor and exceptions

11m 00s

Rights of Unpaid Seller (1)

10m 45s

Rights of unpaid seller (2)

10m 29s

Right of unpaid seller (3)

10m 12s

MCQ (LA ) Part 1

10m 19s

MCQ (LA ) Part 2

10m 32s

Mcq (LA) Part 3

10m 21s

MCQ (LA) (5)

11m 30s

MCQ (LA) Part 4

10m 11s

MCQ (LA) (6)

10m 05s

SOGA (Mcq 2)

10m 46s

Sales of goods Act (Mcq 1)

10m 07s


10m 28s


10m 06s


10m 34s


10m 04s

Right To Information Act (VV important )

10m 09s

Intellelectual Property Right (1)

10m 03s

Information Technology Act (1(

10m 00s

Information and Technology Act (2)

10m 00s

Companies Act (1)

10m 01s

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