23 lessons • 4h 31m

Jharkhand Janjatiya Vidroh For JPSC and JSSC (in Hindi)

15m 00s

List of Jharkhand Andolan with Leaders Name and Areas : JPSC and JSSC (in Hindi)

13m 36s

Chuaar Vidroh:Jharkhand Special for JPSC and JSSC (in Hindi)

14m 15s

MCQ's of "Chuaar Vidroh" with Answers-JPSC and JSSC (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chuaar Vidroh MCQ's Part-2 (in Hindi)

14m 54s

तमाड़ विद्रोह - Jharkhand GK [JPSC/JSSC](Hindi)

13m 30s

तमाड़ विद्रोह MCQ Questions - Jharkhand GK [JPSC/JSSC](Hindi)

12m 47s

तमाड़ विद्रोह MCQ's Part2- Jharkhand GK [JPSC/JSSC](Hindi)

12m 14s

तमाड़ विद्रोह MCQ Part-3 - Jharkhand GK [JPSC/JSSC](Hindi)

12m 30s

हो विद्रोह ( झारखण्ड आन्दोलन )

12m 11s

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