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10 lessons • 2h 6m

Overview of this course (in Hindi)

14m 29s

Lec 1 : How to write coordination compounds (in Hindi)

14m 14s

Lec 2: How to write coordination compounds part 2 (in Hindi)

10m 08s

Lec 3 : IUPAC Nomenclature of coordination compounds (in Hindi)

13m 06s

Lec 4 : IUPAC Nomenclature of Coordination compounds Part 2 (in Hindi)

14m 16s

IUPAC nomenclature part 3 (in Hindi)

12m 27s

Iupac nomenclature part 4 (in Hindi)

13m 20s

IUPAC Nomenclature part 5 (in Hindi)

11m 41s

IUPAC nomenclature part 6 (in Hindi)

8m 27s

Iupac Nomenclature part 7

14m 32s

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