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30 lessons • 6h 4m

Introduction to Monotonicity Volume 1 (Application of Derivative) by Manoj Chauhan (in Hindi)

9m 57s

Monotonicity, Meaning, Increasing Decreasing (in Hindi)

13m 00s

Strictly Increasing ( Inequality) and Some Examples (in Hindi)

12m 23s

Lots of Simple Questions on Monotonicity (in Hindi)

14m 11s

Above Average Questions on Monotonicity (in Hindi)

12m 48s

Examples based on inequality, comparing with constant

11m 50s

Property of monotonic function, greatest and least value

10m 11s

Computer interval of Monotonicity, VERY TOUGH QUESTION

12m 40s

Very TOUGH QUESTION continued ( sketch GRAPHS)

12m 04s

Questions on increasing decreasing

10m 10s

More examples on increasing decreasing function

12m 53s

Commenting upon inequality by seeing function increasing decreasing nature

13m 24s

Questions on Maxima minima and increasing decreasing in an interval

13m 25s


13m 04s

Inequality more Questions

11m 51s

Double inequality

10m 43s

Super tough questions on inequality

12m 58s

Rolle's theorem

13m 44s

Rolle's theorem Questions

10m 56s

Rolle's theorem, integration ( WHY) , tricks

12m 58s

More questions on Rolle's theorem

11m 48s

Rolle's question completely based on integrating the equations terms

11m 34s

Lagrange's mean value theorem

11m 52s

Basic questions on lagrange's mean value theorem

11m 04s

More questions on lagrange's mean value theorem

12m 29s

Using two methods to solve LMVT type questions

11m 26s

Cauchy mean value theorem

10m 42s

Very tough question on MVT which appeared in IIT JEE Exam

13m 04s

Above average questions on LMVT

14m 28s

Tough questions on mean value theorem

10m 16s

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