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12 lessons • 1h 39m

Course Overview (in Hindi)

6m 16s

Chapter 1: Economics Discipline (in Hindi)

9m 05s

Challenges faced by economy Micro and Macro economy

10m 31s

Sectors of Economy : Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (in Hindi)

8m 36s

National income (in Hindi)

8m 07s

Gross Domestic Product (in Hindi)

9m 12s

GNS - Gross National Product : concept (in Hindi)

8m 49s

Formula for GDP and GNP(in Hindi)

7m 33s

Net national Product - NNP (in Hindi)

7m 36s

Human development Index (in Hindi)

8m 10s

Gross National Happiness (in Hindi)

7m 39s

Components of HDI (in Hindi)

8m 19s

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