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(Hindi) Important Sub-Topics for AIIMS/NEET Physics


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Shubham Kumar

The lessons of this course will explain the concepts and important types of questions from various subtopics which are very important from examination point of view; e.g. it may discuss Doppler effect (and not whole waves) as several questions have been asked from Dopler effect in last years' question papers. The lessons will include several examples (mainly previous years'questions from the same subtopic) to illustrate the concepts tought in them so that students may have a good idea of the whole subtopic.



18 reviews

Mohd Rabay

reviewed on Dec 24, 2018

great work easy to understand tricks are also very useful why60 character is nesscary gdhdjsisskososieahddhudissoajshdbvdvdjkaksjfhvhsjssijdhhfjdjdsijsjsdhbdhsjsjducusu

Sneha Biradar

reviewed on Apr 29, 2018

It is evident from ur lectures that u surely have a very good hold on all subjects.....thank u so much for this effort..... these lectures are life-saving ones.....Thank u so much Sir....????

Hriday Thakur

reviewed on Apr 22, 2018

great course ,great work shubham sir keep making these letures as they are really helpful for the last revision and thanks again sir ,your hard work is reflected very well in these courses

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