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(Hindi) Important Questions on Capacitors: IIT JEE


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Udit Gupta

This course covers all types of questions from basic to the toughest level with a blend of different type of questions. From subjective questions to single correct, more than one correct, A-R, integer type and much more, this will cover the entire syllabus concerning this topic to give you much needed confidence while attempting the exam.



3 reviews

sonakshi Shree

reviewed on Jan 11, 2019

sir can't we take 4 capacitor each of capacitance 1 micro farad....and then add two such combination in series...then also we get the same answer.... because we are asked here for the minimum no. of such capacitor..😊

Vipul Jarial

reviewed on Jan 6, 2019

Great course,plz make them for all topics with Conceptual PYQs

Yash Agarwal

reviewed on Jul 10, 2018

Very good course. Covers all the types of examples. Thanks a lot sir.