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(Hindi) Important Governor General and Viceroy of India : UPSC CSE


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Hari Singh Rajput

in this course, hari singh rajput will discuss important governer general and viceroy of India of indian modern history in detail. this course will be helpful for UPSC PSC and other exams.


36 lessons • 4 h 33 m
Overview (in Hindi)

6m 56s

Lord Clive (in Hindi)

11m 27s

Warren Hesting (in Hindi)

12m 58s

Warren Hesting PART 2 (in Hindi)

11m 44s

Lord Carnvalis (in Hindi)

11m 53s

Lord Velejali (in Hindi)

10m 59s

Lord Velejali Part 2 (in Hindi)

9m 23s

सर जार्ज वर्लौ

11m 09s

लार्ड मिन्टो_I

11m 16s

लार्ड हेस्टिंग

11m 47s

लार्ड हेस्टिंग्स पार्ट 2

11m 25s

लार्ड एम्हर्स्ट_1823_1828

9m 14s

लार्ड विलियम वेंटिक_1828_1835

10m 26s

लार्ड विलियम वेंटिक पार्ट 2

12m 28s

लॉर्ड औक्लेंड_1836_1842

10m 09s

लार्ड एलनवरो_1842_1844

12m 06s

लार्ड डलहौजी_1848_1856

9m 38s

लार्ड डलहौज़ी पार्ट 2

10m 49s

लार्ड डलहौजी पार्ट 3

10m 38s

लार्ड डलहौजी पार्ट 3

9m 17s

लार्ड कनिंग

10m 05s

लार्ड कनिंग पार्ट 2

9m 36s

लार्ड मेयो

9m 41s

लार्ड नार्थब्रक

9m 24s

लार्ड लिटन

9m 27s

लॉर्ड कनिंग पार्ट 3

9m 09s

लार्ड लिटन पार्ट 2

9m 02s

लार्ड रिपन

13m 23s

लार्ड डफरिन

9m 32s

लार्ड कर्जन

10m 01s

लार्ड कर्ज़ंन पार्ट 2

11m 55s

लार्ड मिन्टो II

10m 54s

लार्ड हार्डिंग II

10m 51s

लार्ड चेम्स्फोर्ड

10m 28s

लार्ड रीडिंग_1921_26

14m 03s

लार्ड इरविन

14m 26s



18 reviews

Isha Shah

reviewed on Jul 7, 2019

thanks a lot sir for such nice lectures... it helps so much to understand and complete every topic..

Pardeep Kumar Jangra

reviewed on Jul 18, 2019

very nicely will surely help us in exam....thank you sir

Nishant Kashyap

reviewed on May 15, 2019

thank you sir a very well structured course......very easy to grasp and understand.......sir if you could use pen and paper more it would be great aise bhi bhot bhot accha course h ye.thanks a lot.

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