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10 lessons • 1h 45m

Overview (in Hindi)

5m 01s

Lesson 1:- Shear Force and Pressure (in Hindi)

10m 37s

Lesson 2:----density, Pressure at a Point (a Form of Pascal's Law) and Pressure Variation (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Lesson 3:-- [Examples, Hydrostatics Paradox, Atmospheric Pressure and Its Measurement] (in Hindi)

9m 35s

Manometer, Pascal's Law of Pressure Transmission and Its Application (Hydraulic Lift) (in Hindi)

9m 20s

Lesson 5 :-- Force and Torque Due to Pressure Force (in Hindi)

8m 09s

Lesson 6:-- Pressure Variation in Uniformly Accelerated Fluid (in Hindi)

13m 58s

Lessson 7:-- the Pressure Variation in Uniformly Accelerated Liquid (in Hindi)

9m 54s

Lesson 8:-- Archimedes Principle (in Hindi)

11m 28s

Lesson 9:-- Condition for Floating and Equilibrium of Floating Object (in Hindi)

12m 42s

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