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(Hindi) Hyperbola Made Easy (Detailed Course)


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Vineet Loomba

This course takes up all the concepts in Hyperbola for JEE Main and Advanced with numerous Solved and Unsolved Problems. Previous Year Questions and Advanced Problems will also be taken.



20 reviews

Krishna Pandey

reviewed on Jan 13, 2020

sir thanks a lot for this amazing course but wants more questions pyQ ya practice problems

Zain Sadique

reviewed on Dec 19, 2019

Amazing theory with appropriate illustrations wherever needed has been provided in this course. I can now proudly say that I've completed conics by vineet loomba sir, and I can ace the conics in exam. just waiting for some advanced level questions to be added in hyperbola like common tangents on curves of two different conics etc.

Pratyush Dubey

reviewed on Nov 5, 2019

sir plss make a video on previous year questions of hyperbola this was a very amazing and helpful course thank you sir😃😃

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