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21 lessons • 3h 9m

Overview Lecture on HRM (in Hindi)

1m 58s

Concept Of Human Resource Management(in Hindi)

10m 31s

Functions Of Human Resource Management(in Hindi)

12m 43s

Scope And Significance Of Human Resource Management(in Hindi)

9m 03s

Concept Of Human Resource Planning (in Hindi)

11m 01s

Process Of Human Resource Planning(In Hindi)

12m 06s

Concept Of Performance Appraisal(In Hindi)

9m 30s

Effective Performance Appraisal System(In Hindi)

9m 31s

Methods Of Performance Appraisal(In Hindi)

13m 47s

Part 2:-Method Of Performance Appraisal

12m 11s

Employee Health And Safety(In Hindi)

10m 29s

Provisions Concerning Health

10m 10s

Measures To Ensure Industrial Safety

10m 31s

Safety Provisions Under The Factories Act

10m 35s

Employee Welfare (In Hindi)

8m 36s

Concept Of Wages And Salary Administration(In Hindi)

10m 29s

Methods Of Wage Payement(In Hindi)

9m 28s

Overview Lecture On Incentive Compensation(In Hindi)

1m 47s

Meaning Of Incentive Plan(In Hindi)

7m 30s

Types Of Incentive Plans(In Hindi)

7m 22s

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