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(Hindi) How to overcome stage fright and become a great public speaker


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Roman Saini

Do you always wanted to become a great public speaker, but you were not able to overcome stage fright? Then this is the perfect course to learn the art and science of public speaking. This course will cover a lot of tips and tricks which will help you in overcoming the stage fright and delivering your speech/talk effectively, to a large group of audience.



12 reviews

Suryanshu Shukla

reviewed on Dec 24, 2018

sir, why are you leaving courses in between? Sir, pls add more lessons in this course then only I can give 5 stars. There are such uncomplete courses scattered all over unacademy and it causes a real chaos all over the platform. Pls try to work on this problem.

Ravi Shankar Patel

reviewed on Nov 5, 2017

Great Work Sir...Now I'll carry this Learning in Public Speaking

Parika Kannake

reviewed on Dec 31, 2017

thanks sir plz upload next lesson muze bhi public sector me daily communication karna padta hai

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